Vernissage: 29th of April 2011, ID:I (Stockholm)

“De gamla Greckiskorna” by Christian Sandell is the name of a new exhibition in gallery ID:I. The enjoyable title means “The Old Greek Woman”.

There is a fascinating story which lies behind the art work. The artist´s father is from Greece and Christian Sandell obviously has strong connection to his “fatherland”. In ancient Greece, widows usually wore black after the death of their husbands and some of them did it for the rest of their lives. There’s even a verb in Greek which means to ‘dress in black’, describing the old custom. According to the artist, his Greek grandmother lost her husband but rejected the old custom while grieving. Her sister however, was always wearing black.

Photographs by Konsthopp

The installation represent three Greek women dressed in black, one of them appearing to be dead. The “faces” reflects the artist´s passion for old cameras.

The artist is also showing two of his earlier art works made in 1999. “I was cleaning at my studio the other day and found these two. I thought they fitted perfectly to this exhibition,” says the friendly artist.

Date: 29th of April – 15th of May 2011

Artist: Christian Sandell

Place: ID:I galleri, Tjärhovsgatan 19, Stockholm

Opening hours: Saturday – Sunday, 12.00 – 16.00

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