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Are you getting tired of too many fashion-oriented websites?

Fashion slave?

Photograph by Konsthopp

With a repository of trendy fashion blogs, Konsthopp celebrates every existing blog about contemporary art. Here are some interesting, exclusive websites which cover a wide-range of contemporary art.

This is tomorrow

Simple, user-friendly and well designed e-magazine about contemporary art worldwide. Once again, it is proofed that less is more.

Bad at Sports

Bad At Sports is a Chicago-based blog presenting great articles and alternative artist talks. It was founded in 2005 by two artists in a bar, with a beer and a desperate enthusiasm for art. The blog focuses on presenting the practices of artists, curators, critics, dealers, and various other art professionals through an online audio format. More public discussion about contemporary art is exactly what we need.

Utopia Parkway

The notable name blog was created by Belgian journalist, Hans-Maarten Post. Utopia Parkway is about art, beauty & culture, seen from a Belgian perspective without taking it too seriously.

Raw Function

They will not watch any more boring art. They discover something different.

Berliner Kunstkontakter

The most famous video art blog in Germany keeps you updated about the art scene in what some see as the current capital of the artistic world; Berlin.

Who killed Bambi?

A humoristic blog which was founded in 2007 and is run by Andrea Natale (web designer and project manager) Valentina Tanni (art critic and curator) and Marica Zottino (graphic and textile designer, fashion forecaster). At the moment, they are all based in Italy.

And last but not least; 

Fashion is Bullshit

There is no need to explain this blog any further. Check it out for inspiration, creativity, what to wear and not wear.

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Student exhibition: 26th – 29th of May 2011, Berghs´and Galleri Kontrast (Stockholm)

Most people love the spring. The birds are singing, flowers are blooming and people tend to be more happy. And the happiest among them all are probably the newly graduated.

Today is the final day at the Berghs´ exhibition 2011. This year 34 new communication and design projects are presented, created by 151 courageous graduating students.

Here are some of our favorites projects from the exhibition.

By Gidon Tannenbaum

By photographer Julia Bejerot Winkler


By photographer Mikaela Westerholm

“Team Finland Hollywood Rescue”

A mission by Nathalie Neiman, Fredrik Glimskär, Luca Deasti, Marcus Cederqvist, Joesfine Berglund, Thomasine Stiernswärd and Daniel Åhlman

Photographs by Konsthopp

Berghs School of Communication is located in the heart Stockholm´s city centre. The school combine all major commercial communication disciplines under one roof, offering a wide programs in advertising, design, PR, interactive communications, event marketing, computer games and photography.

Graduating students and springlovers,


You can see more photos from the exhibition here.

Date: 26th  –  29th of May 2011

Place: Berghs School of Communication, Sveavägen 34, Stockholm

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Artist talk: Viktor Byhr (Sweden)

 A collage by Viktor Byhr

Photograph by Konsthopp

Viktor Byhr is an energetic Gothenburg based artist and our latest participant in “artist talk”.  Primarily, he works with collages made from street trash. This highly undervalued material is probably a reference to the “hot topic” of environmental issues.

Viktor Byhr is convinced that Borås is the current center of the artistic world or as he says:

Now it is probably Borås, since my friend from NYC, Shai Dahan moved there. He is awesome and will bring fresh air to the current art scene.

Forget Berlin, Borås is the place!

Read the full interview here and see some examples of Viktor´s recent work.

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Lecture and an on-going exhibition: 25th of May 2011, Marabouparken (Stockholm)

One of  the “Smiths” fan, singing with a sentimental feeling

The exhibition “The world won’t listen” (2005) by Phil Collins is now running at Marabouparken. The three-part video installation features fans of the English alternative rock-band “The Smiths”, performing karaoke versions of tracks from their 1987 album. Collins made a karaoke machine in cooperation with local musicians in Bogotá 2004. After a city-wide campaign, Collins filmed 60 singers over three days. Each participant got half an hour to let their light shine. The project is filmed in Colombia, Turkey and Indonesia.

About the work, Collins ironically pointed out that; “Singing is an incredible simple and a moving experience. Doing karaoke is the first time you don´t sing along. You sort of murder the thing you love”.

The curator of the exhibition wrote these words about the video-installation:

A tender, humorous, and occasionally heartbreaking portrait of humanity, the work is a study on the mediation and strength of popular culture’s global reach.


“Britney” is the title of another work at the exhibition. It is a series of large-scale prints of defaced Britney Spears posters which Collins photographed in the New York subway, 2001. During the lecture, Phil Collins shared with the audience that his favorite letter is B. His favorite places in world starts with B, like Belfast, Belgrad, Bogotá (or countries which have problem with movements). His favorite authors starts with B as well. And of course, B- for Britney.

A re-posted poster from The Smiths karaoke project

Photographs by Konsthopp

The political UK artist, Phil Collins — sometimes confused with the same name pop star, was the star of the night. Wearing casual clothes, sneakers, holding a beer, with a Che Guevara tattoo on his upper left arm, made his presence so comfy. And so English.

Phil Collins currently lives and work in Berlin. He was shortlisted for the 2006 Turner Prize, the world’s best-known contemporary-art competition. Collins is known for using the camera as a ticket to gain access to the most profound human situations and experiences – birth, death, war, love and loss.  All these images deal effectively with global issues.

His most famous work is probably the two-screen video installation “They Shoot Horses”, from 2004.  “The world won´t listen” is on-going at Marabouparken until 24th of July 2011.

You can see more photos from the exhibition here.


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On-going: 19th – 29th of May 2011, Konstfack (Stockholm)

They say time flies when you´re having fun. It´s hard to find more appropriate phrase to express the feeling at the Konstfack degree exhibition. We could spend days there.

Let´s have a look at more of our favorite work from this year´s exhibition.

“Intangible Embrace” by Sofia Ericsson

A glove by Yi Shen

“Den ondas blommor” by Kajsa Pil Christensen

By Yasar Aydin

By Jonas Wallinder

“Kaos och Ordning” by Sanne Rosenqvist

Photographs by Konsthopp

Don´t waste your time, the exhibition is on-going until 29th May!


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Vernissage: 20th of May 2011, Studio44 (Stockholm)

Friday night was another night packed with exhibition openings in Stockholm and this time the direction was taken to Studio 44 on Södermalm.

Tecknat is a part of an exhibition that was previously showed at Festival les Boreales in 2010, then under the name  “DESSINS SANS DESSIN — 12 artistes de Stockholm”. The title of the show “drawing without drawing” refers to the theme of the exhibition, were the artists play with the meaning of the word “drawing”.

Is it a verb or an object? Or maybe something in between? Something between consciousness and a dream? Between the intension of an idea and an action of the hand?

Krack / Cilla Darle

Spetsar / Karin Johansson

Svartteckning, Rosa teckning/Ann-Jeanette Sjölander

An exhibition that varies with beautiful objects, drawings  — and a glimpse of some humor too. Konsthopp surely hasn’t got the right or wrong answer to the questions asked above but recommends all of you to take a swing by Studio44 and check it out for yourself.

The Madcap Laughts / Andreas Some

Photographs by Konsthopp

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone and don’t forget to have at least one good laugh today! It makes you live longer.

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Vernissage: 20th of May 2011, Studio44 (Stockholm)

Photograph by Konsthopp

In “project rummet”, a smaller exhibition hall at Studio44, there is another exhibition going on by the artist Andréa Hösel. The exhibition is called “Drabbade” and is an installation about furnitures, ink and the state of mind.

“Drawers and handles trying to push themselves out of the skin that is forced upon them; backs and bones plagued by indian ink”.

According to the artist statement the installation resemble individuals that share the same reservation for being exposed; blind for their neighbors and affected by the same misery.

Beautiful installation that leaved us behind with a little bit of something extra.

More photographs from the exhibitions at Studio44 can be seen here

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Vernissage: 19th of May 2011, Konstfack (Stockholm)

“Hälsningar från Svergie” by Sepidar Hosseini

There is always something special about graduation exhibitions. Cheerful and snappy dressed students, proud to present their final work after years of education. The tingling atmosphere is filled with new trends, new ideas, – and new perspectives. You may realize in one way or another, that these are the artists of the future. And it’s hard not to be touched by the happiness you see in the artists faces on this important day of their lives.

These works were among some of our favorites at Konstfack degree exhibition this year.

“Pixtel Shapes” by Sara Reinholtz

A blouse by Hanna Frostell

A work by Carolin Mueller

An installation by Victoria da Cruz

Photographs by Konsthopp

It’s not really necessary to introduce Konstfack. Konstfack is the largest university college of arts, crafts and design in Sweden and is well recognized and widely respected within the art world.

Congratulation everyone!

For those who weren´t there, you still have a chance until 29th of May to check out the exhibition. If not, you can always look at our album on facebook.

Date: 19th – 29th of May 2011

Artists: B.A and M.A. students

Place: Konstfack, LM Ericssons väg 14, Stockholm


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Vernissage: 14th of May 2011, Young Art (Stockholm)

“Söderhavet” – black&white series by Viktor Johannson

A group exhibition is now taking place at Young Art gallery. The exhibition is dedicated to photographs in any form – and style. The group consists of five young photographers from Sweden, Slovenia and Germany.

“Something else somewhere else” by Katja Kremenic

“The longest journey is the journey inwards.” — Dag Hammarskjöld

The above quote is taken from Dan Cleve website were he describe his series “Arctic Meditation.” The six-photo series keeps a story about the climate and how it affects our way of thinking and living — from a positive point of view. The photographer spent couple of months outside to capture the portraits.

I worked with the theory that our cold weather and darkness is a big part of our culture. It’s more than just tiring and depressing – couldn´t it also make you think in a philosophical way and be more aware of the world around you? – Dan Cleve

“Arctic Meditation”  a portrait series by Dan Cleve

Whether it was the meaning, the cold or the hope you could read in the model´s faces, Dan Cleve´s work was the most remarkable in an overall interesting and inspiring exhibition. All the photographs are for sale and the prices range from 800 – 4000 sek.

If you are in the mood for an enthusiastic art, or to meet emerging artists, Young Art is the place. Always worth visiting!

Date: 14th – 29th of May 2011

Photographers: Dan Cleve, Phillipp Gallon, Viktor Johansson, Katja Kremenic and Johanna Åkerberg Kassel

Place: Young Art, Grevgatan 30, Stockholm

Opening hours: Saturday, 12.00 – 18.00 ; Sunday, 12.00 – 16.00

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Vernissage: 14th of May 2011, Lars Bohman Gallery (Stockholm)

Direct from Young Art, we headed to an opening with world-known artist. Donald Baechler was the man. His unique sculptures are a combination of the childlike and the ancient. He portrays things from every day life, like trees, plants, ice cream cones and balls. The sculptor is naturally engaged to line and form, besides that his main focuses are surface, texture and spatial dimension.

Photographs by Konsthopp

Baechler´s breathtaking biography is probably as good as it gets. Museum of Modern Art, Guggenheim Museum, Whitney Museum in New York, and Musée National d’Art Moderne in Paris are among the places his work has been represented at. He lives and works in New York.

Date: 14th of May – 19th of June 2011

Artist: Donald Baechler

Place: Lars Bohman Gallery, Karlavägen 16, Stockholm

Opening hours: Tuesday – Friday, 12.00 – 18.00 ; Saturday – Sunday, 12.00  – 16.00

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