Vernissages: 30th of April 2011, Galleri Kontrast (Stockholm)

Sport feature photograph of the year 2011.” By Sara Strandlund/Freelance

Konsthopp was in the mood for photography last weekend. The direction was taken to Gallery Kontrast as two vernissages were taking place; “Årets bild 2011” and “Inom mig” by Tom Willhammar.

Annually the gallery shows ‘Årets bild’ or ’The Swedish picture of the year award‘. The 2011 winners are Peter Wixström, awarded for ’The best picture’ and Magnus Wennman as ’The press photographer of the year‘. Check the year´s nominated photographs here.

These outstanding photographs proof once again that ’a picture is worth a thousand words‘.

“Everyday life photograph of the year 2011” (Sweden). By Anette Nantell/Dagens Nyheter

“Everyday life photograph of the year 2011” (International). By Magnus Wennman/Aftonbladet

In the basement at the same gallery is another exhibition running called “Inom mig”. The photographer, Tom Willhammar, said that he prefer black & white photography because they reflect more emotions. Undoubtedly, these stunning photos reflects strong emotions. All the photos were shot in Bejing and Shanghai while the artist lived there in 2008.

After a lot of speculations, the photographer finally chose his darling. Love. Passion. Love it!

Photographs by Konsthopp

The Press Photographers Club in Sweden (PFK) runs Gallery Kontrast independently. It is devoted to photographs and has over the years developed a reputation as one of Swedens primary venue for documentary photography. These two exhibitions are no exception.

“Årets bild 2011” and “Inom sig” will be on-going until 22nd of May 2011.

Place: Galleri Kontrast, Hornsgatan 8, Stockholm

Opening hours: Wednesday – Thursday, 11.00 – 18.00 ; Friday, 12.00 – 17.00 ; Saturday – Sunday, 12.00 – 16.00

OBS. Next Wednesday (4th of May) will Peter Wixström and Magnus Wennman present their winning photographs from “Årets bild 2011” at Galleri Kontrast. The lecture starts at 19.00.

The admission is 60 SEK but it is free for GKV´s members. Membership in GKV is 100 SEK for 2011.

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