Vernissage: 5th of May 2011, Angelika Knäpper Gallery (Stockholm)

Do you want to escape reality? Experience a little adventure? Maybe even some visual hallucination?

Let´s visit Helena Blomqvist´s latest exhibition, “The Elephant girl”.

This talented photographer builds her own world by using models and props created by herself that are just as real (and unreal) as outside her studio. She obviously use a lot of imagination, techniques and yes – time – to create this fantastic world. “The Elephant Girl” involves s a darker undertone inspired by ghost stories and fairy tails but if you look closer her art also includes a guileful sense of humor. About the time, Blomqvist claims she spends approximately one month making each piece.

Now, the main characters are played by children, – preferably little girls, dressed in white dresses, which seems to be from the early 20th century. The girls are accompanied with animals and noticable often with rabbits. Whether it is because of the Chinese astrology or something else, the explanation behind the idea is still unknown.

One of Blomqvist´s previous work

Photographs by Konsthopp

Helena Blomqvist graduated from the well recognized “School of Photography” in Gothenburg University 2002. Since then her career has only been upward, with participation in countless group and solo exhibitions in Sweden and abroad. Konsthopp highly recommends everyone to witness Blomqvist´s latest world of adventures with their own eyes.

To see more photographs from this exhibition and other exhibitions in Stockholm, check out our facebook here

Date: 5th of May – 12th of June 2011

Artist: Helena Blomqvist

Place: Angelika Knäpper Gallery, Tegnérgatan 4, Stockholm

Opening hours: Tuesday – Friday, 11.00 – 18.00 ; Saturday – Sunday, 12.00 – 16.00

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