Vernissage: 12th of May 2011, Galleri Flach (Stockholm)

“Vandrare” is the title of Hillevi’s Berglund latest exhibition in Stockholm. The title is a reference to one of her piece with the same name as well as to the Greek word πλαν?της – planet – which means wanderer in Greek.

Vandrare/ Hillevi Berglund

The globe seems to be one of her main themes of this exhibition that is formed by series of objects and drawings. It is characterized by a beautiful intersection of forms, colors, words, images and objects, were she for example cuts and puts together old reference books to create new constellations. Through titles and meaning of words Berglund connects together her objects and images, which also results in a more meaningful whole.

 The artist’s tears/ Hillevi Berglund

The third world/ Hillevi Berglund

Photographs by Konsthopp

Maybe it was a personal identification with the title of the show or just the beautiful forms and vivid colors but Konsthopp came out amazed and with a certain urge to take several of the pieces back home.

Still and all, Thursday night was lively for art enthusiasts and the area around St:Eriksplan especially prominent. It was a complex decision to only pick out one or two displays to look at and that’s why we decided to have a little peek at all of them.

So for you who weren’t out that night, we highly recommend you to check out our album on facebook.

Date: 12th of May – 12th of June 2011

Artist: Hillevi Berglund

Place: Galleri Flach, Hälsingegatan 43, Stockholm

Opening hours: Wednesday – Friday, 12.00  – 18.00 ; Saturday – Sunday 12.00 – 16. 00.

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