Vernissage: 12th of May 2011, CRYSTAL (Stockholm)

A part of Holmstrand´s installation

On our usual Thursday night art stroll, Konsthopp stumbled across a surprisingly good performance. It was the premiere of “Making Up Stories”, a new performance by and with Leif Holmstrand. The gallery was crowded and it was quite hard to see what was really going on, but what we could hear was Holmstrand´s dark voice emitting repeatedly “BE CAREFUL, BE BEAUTIFUL!” The stage was surrounded by the surrealistic (and a little “creepy”!) atmosphere in his installations, mostly made from tights and socks.

“Making Up Stories” a performance by Leif Holmstrand

It has been claimed that Holmstrand´s performances both activate and complete his work. As stated in an announcement from Moderna Museet 2010:

Leif Holmstrand plays with the tension between his own handiwork and the varying capacity of fabricated objects to influence our life conditions. And terror and comedy are never far off in the result.

WHORE!  A book by Leif Holmstrand

Photographs by Konsthopp

This same night a new catalogue “Catalogue Katalog 720418-2492 Leif Holmstrand 1997-2010” was also released. Holmstrand has published many books and it´s in a way symbolic for the artist that some of the books are published under the name Anna-Maria Ytterboml.

Leif Holmstrand lives and works as a poet and artist in Malmö. His previous work has been shown at Moderna Museet, Bonniers Konsthall and Malmö Konsthall to name few. This exhibition is Leif Holmstrands’ second solo exhibition at CRYSTAL.

Date: 12th of May – 12th of June 2011

Artist: Leif Holmstrand

Place: CRYSTAL, Hudiksvallsgatan 4B, Stockholm

Opening hours: Wednesday – Friday, 12.00  – 18.00 ; Saturday – Sunday 12.00 – 16. 00. Or by appointment.

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