Lecture and an on-going exhibition: 25th of May 2011, Marabouparken (Stockholm)

One of  the “Smiths” fan, singing with a sentimental feeling

The exhibition “The world won’t listen” (2005) by Phil Collins is now running at Marabouparken. The three-part video installation features fans of the English alternative rock-band “The Smiths”, performing karaoke versions of tracks from their 1987 album. Collins made a karaoke machine in cooperation with local musicians in Bogotá 2004. After a city-wide campaign, Collins filmed 60 singers over three days. Each participant got half an hour to let their light shine. The project is filmed in Colombia, Turkey and Indonesia.

About the work, Collins ironically pointed out that; “Singing is an incredible simple and a moving experience. Doing karaoke is the first time you don´t sing along. You sort of murder the thing you love”.

The curator of the exhibition wrote these words about the video-installation:

A tender, humorous, and occasionally heartbreaking portrait of humanity, the work is a study on the mediation and strength of popular culture’s global reach.


“Britney” is the title of another work at the exhibition. It is a series of large-scale prints of defaced Britney Spears posters which Collins photographed in the New York subway, 2001. During the lecture, Phil Collins shared with the audience that his favorite letter is B. His favorite places in world starts with B, like Belfast, Belgrad, Bogotá (or countries which have problem with movements). His favorite authors starts with B as well. And of course, B- for Britney.

A re-posted poster from The Smiths karaoke project

Photographs by Konsthopp

The political UK artist, Phil Collins — sometimes confused with the same name pop star, was the star of the night. Wearing casual clothes, sneakers, holding a beer, with a Che Guevara tattoo on his upper left arm, made his presence so comfy. And so English.

Phil Collins currently lives and work in Berlin. He was shortlisted for the 2006 Turner Prize, the world’s best-known contemporary-art competition. Collins is known for using the camera as a ticket to gain access to the most profound human situations and experiences – birth, death, war, love and loss.  All these images deal effectively with global issues.

His most famous work is probably the two-screen video installation “They Shoot Horses”, from 2004.  “The world won´t listen” is on-going at Marabouparken until 24th of July 2011.

You can see more photos from the exhibition here.


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