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Thoughts about London

If all roads led to Rome in the days of Roman Empire, most roads leads to London today. According to some trustworthy statistics, the never sleeping city is the most visited destination in the world. So don´t worry, you will never walk alone!

It never rains in London

Photograph by Konsthopp

I have always had a certain “love & hate” relationship with the city. The rush hour seems to be never ending, the underground system is too underground (in fact it´s close to old Harry´s home) and if you lose someone you might never find him or her again. Then again, I love the British, their “black” sense of humour and their easy attitude towards life.

As a amateur of contemporary art, coming from Iceland and living in Sweden I tried to smell out some Nordic artist´s exhibitions in the huge city. It was a big surprise and disappointment at the same time to discover that very few or almost none Nordic artists where showing their work in one of the leading centers of the artistic universe. Why? Are the market too hard to handle, the British pound ridiculously unfair or are the “Vikings” heading for new directions?

But for those who are not hunting for Nordic art there is plenty to see, touch and smell. Personally, I recommend Camden for daily “freak shows”, Brick Lane for Indian food, countless galleries and multicultural vibe where the women dress like a men and vice versa. And of course, Denmark Street, which might be a successful “hustle venue” for groupies. Good luck!


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Closing: 26th of June 2011, Pop-up gallery above VIBE Bar (London)

Are shoes one of your “guilty pleasure¨? Then you probably have one of those.

Many were literally bowled over by the return of Dr. Martens couple of years ago. For some people, a “screaming” reminder of the fashion experimentation of their teenage years, that we usually make fun of. Shortly after, when it was obvious that the shoes were in fact, very trendy, everyone stopped joking about them, bought a pair and became addicted (well we still make jokes about Buffalo´s!).

Now, even in new form, Dr. Martens were the focal point of a newly passed group exhibition at Brick Lane.  10 pairs were supplied by Doctor Martens, re-designed by the exhibition artists and sold on the behalf of Macmillan Cancer Support. Only few pair were left when Konsthopp was there.

Photographs by Konsthopp

It was a truly broad-based exhibition in general, displaying unique oils, aerosol works, ink drawings, urban glass sculpture and limited edition prints. And last but not least, a few colorful pair of the “eternal” Dr. Martens.

The conceptual artist, Ben Oakley curated the show but he also runs “The Ben Oakley Gallery” in Greenwich (London).

Date: 17th – 26th of June 2011

Agent provocateurs: Rowan Newton, Asboluv, Stuart Mcalpine Miller, Carne Griffiths, Gonny Van Hulst, Ben Oakley, Mark Perronet, GaryAlford, Theo Szarowicz, Yvonne Wayling.

Place: Pop-up gallery above the VIBE bar, 91-95 Brick Lane, London

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Artist talk: Sanne Rosenqvist (Denmark)

Sanne Rosenqvist is one of the reason we’ve changed our attentiveness to ceramic art. Her intimate installations drew our attention instantly at the Konstfack Degree exhibition and we wanted to learn more about this talented artist.

“I dont know if I have found my own style yet but when I work with ceramics my focus is on concepts and how to communicate through form. My ceramic work is quite minimalistic…. I like to keep a certain immediacy and rawness in my work and humor is very important to me”.

Through our latest “artist talk” we’ve not only learned how Sanne works with her ceramics but we’ve also learned that she comes from Denmark, she has always been fascinated by fine art and if she would be another artist for a day, it would be Björk.

Learn more about Sanne and see photographs of her work by reading the whole interview here.

Photograph by Konsthopp

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Closing: 18th of June 2011, Galleri IngerMolin (Stockholm)

Until recently we haven’t been showing a lot of an interest in ceramic art. After the Konstfack Degree exhibition our attentiveness changed suddenly, as the ceramic and glass department was absolutely one of our top-picks. Since then we have been willing to dig deeper, open our perspectives and even seek for more ceramic-oriented exhibitions.

“New Stars 2011” is the title of a newly passed exhibition at Galleri IngerMolin, were the combination of ceramic and textile art was successfully in the foreground.

Above: Work by Amy Jayne Hughes

Maria T. Hermann (Denmark), Eszter Imre (Hungary), Amy Hughes (U.K.) and Elsa Chartin (France) are the artists behind the exhibition. Three of them work with ceramic art and the fourth one, Elsa Chartin, works with textile art and prints.

Tinitus by Elsa Chartin

Photographs by Konsthopp

Since it was opened in 1998, Galleri IngerMolin has focused particularly on displaying ceramic arts. The curator and gallery-owner Inger Molin noted that she chose these international women to create the first group-exhibition at the gallery and was naturally very happy with the results.

From Konsthopp’s point of view:

Mixing ceramic and textile is a surprisingly exciting venue, were the contrast between the elements become so clear.

If you’re doubting your own interest in ceramic art, we really encourage you to check out the artist’s homepages!

Date: 31st of May – 18th of June 2011

Artists: Maria T. Hermann, Eszter Imre, Amy Hughes and Elsa Chartin.

Place: Galleri IngerMolin, Kommendörsgatan 24, Stockholm

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Over the summer Konsthopp will be changing directions a little bit. You’ll still be able to read blog entries from our headquarters in Stockholm but also from other places like Oslo, London and Reykjavík.

And if you’re like us – still wondering what art really is – then make sure you won’t be missing out on our weekly “artist talk”, which we believe are both insightful and inspiring.

We’ll be “hanging around here” over the summer and we hope you’ll do the same.

Happy summertime to all of us!


Photograph by Konsthopp

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Artist talk: Lindalovisa Fernqvist (Sweden)

A drawing/illustration by Lindalovisa Fernqvist

Photograph by Konsthopp

Sometimes we fall in love with work, style, fashion or art. Konsthopp first met her at the “opening” of her majestic solo exhibition “Dreams of Salikon.” We fell in love with her immediately. Her name is Lindalovisa Fernqvist and is our participant in this week “artist talk”.

Lindalovisa described her easily-recognized style as:

My sketches are always drawn directly by hand and are very detailed. Some may see it as a slow and protracted technique but for me it is really meditative. By working thoroughly with my illustrations I strive to unite the beautiful and the detailed with some sort of melancholic undertone. My inspiration comes from music, nature and people’s behavior as well as from fashion and vintage photographs.

You can read the full interview here and see some examples of Lindalovisa´s work.

About the 10.000 hours, we hope she is right! Still counting; 9899 hours, 28 minutes and 32 seconds…

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Vernissage: 17th of June 2011, Galleri Kocks (Stockholm)

In yesterday’s blog-entry we told you about our latest art stroll in SoFo. This same day we also checked out a group-exhibition that was on-going at Galleri Kocks, Kocksgatan 18.

The exhibition consisted of work made by 16 members of the art-collective CORSO and the theme for the show was “HUNT”.

 The act of a wild prey. The desire to catch or to kill. To hunt or to be hunted.

Each artist created their work from own expression and understanding of the concept and as a result the display showcased divergent pieces, emphasizing on the word’s broad perception and meaning.

Photographs by Konsthopp

CORSO is formed by 23 Swedish and international artists that work with various kinds of media. It was grounded in 2010 and is based in Stockholm. To know more about the collective or get in contact with any of the 23 artists, you can visit their website here or look them up on facebook.

Upcoming at Galleri Kocks

A solo-exhibition by the Stockholm born artist, Veroniqa Perzons.

Vernissage: 17th of June 2011. The exhibition will be on-going until the 22nd of June 2011.

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