Thoughts about London

If all roads led to Rome in the days of Roman Empire, most roads leads to London today. According to some trustworthy statistics, the never sleeping city is the most visited destination in the world. So don´t worry, you will never walk alone!

It never rains in London

Photograph by Konsthopp

I have always had a certain “love & hate” relationship with the city. The rush hour seems to be never ending, the underground system is too underground (in fact it´s close to old Harry´s home) and if you lose someone you might never find him or her again. Then again, I love the British, their “black” sense of humour and their easy attitude towards life.

As a amateur of contemporary art, coming from Iceland and living in Sweden I tried to smell out some Nordic artist´s exhibitions in the huge city. It was a big surprise and disappointment at the same time to discover that very few or almost none Nordic artists where showing their work in one of the leading centers of the artistic universe. Why? Are the market too hard to handle, the British pound ridiculously unfair or are the “Vikings” heading for new directions?

But for those who are not hunting for Nordic art there is plenty to see, touch and smell. Personally, I recommend Camden for daily “freak shows”, Brick Lane for Indian food, countless galleries and multicultural vibe where the women dress like a men and vice versa. And of course, Denmark Street, which might be a successful “hustle venue” for groupies. Good luck!


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