Exhibition: 24th – 28th of June 2011, vz gallery (London)

On the hottest day so far this summer in London (over 30 degree) I was wondering around the east side of London, known to some as Banglatown or widely more recognised Brick Lane. Desperately seeking for affordable sandals, interesting galleries and less crowded places, I ran across an eye-catching exhibition.

Photographs by Konsthopp

These work are by the St. Petersburg born artist, Dmitry Oskin. Oskin is a former stylist and his background within the “body obsessed” fashion industry, clearly affects his stunning approach to photography. Since he moved to London, 2009 Oskin has mainly focused on fashion photography. Influences for this ensemble include the world of high fashion, the media’s addiction to the perfect human form, and the effects of religion, sex, money and politics. With his first solo exhibition, “The provocation” may be Oskin´s entrance into the world of art.

And after hours of walking, many prays to God for less heat, more money and world peace, I found the perfect pair of comfortable leather sandals.

I just can´t get enough of Brick Lane!

Date: 24th – 28th of June 2011

Artist: Dmitry Oskin

Place: vz gallery, Cheshire street 28, London

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