Vernissage: 30th of July 2011, Studio 44 (Stockholm)

Stockholm’s art life is gradually waking up after its long and pleasant summer vacation. In fact, everybody seems to need a brake —even Swedish newspapers and TV channels— but happily, Konsthopp is back on track!

Studio 44 did the honors last Saturday, when the first “autumn” opening was launched, the extremely-long-titled-exhibition; “Again… Words will pass through our bodies, above our heads.” 

 Two sofa talks in one, a video loop by Jenny Grönvill (2007)

The exhibition is a mixture of a video installation by Jenny Grönvall, along with drawings and sketches made in a collaboration with Julia Björnberg and Ellen Suneson. Combined with Pride 2011, the artists map out the exhibition space with words, sketches and drawings —as well as video loops— questioning the “normative” structure of power within the cultural sphere. With clip art and personal diary notes, the main theme of the work touch upon feminist utopia and gender equality within the art world, diagnosing for instance the frames of their artistic work.

The gallery´s winter program is packed with promising exhibitions. With this exhibition, as well as the gallery´s past events, Studio 44 clearly falls in as one of the city´s coolest exhibition space.

Our advice: Experience it! Put a Bowie record on and “let´s dance”…

Dance with it, a video loop by Jenny Grönvall (2007)

Photographs by Konsthopp

Want more? You can see all of our photos from the vernissage here!

Date: 30th of July – 7th of August 2011

Artist: Jenny Grönvall

Place: Studio 44, Tjärhovsgatan 44 B, 1st floor, Stockholm

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