Vernissages: 25th of August 2011 (Stockholm)

Every now and then, the heaven seems to be brighter. Last Thursday, it was that kind of night. We departed with a GPS, well charged cameras, enjoyment and a bit of an excitement too. The direction was taken to St: Eriksplan, where most of the night´s openings took place.

25th of August 2011 – Hudiksvallsgatan (Stockholm)

Our first stop was at Andersson/Sandström Gallery, were the American artist, Alyson Shotz was showing her latest work under the powerful title, “Fundamental forces”. An exhibition with a magnetic theme — and an actual direct physical effect. Let´s take a look!

“Fundamental forces”/ Alyson Shotz – Andersson/Sandström

 “Fundamental forces”/ Alyson Shotz – Andersson/Sandström

“Fundamental forces”/ Alyson Shotz – Andersson/Sandström

Just around the corner, in Andréhn-Schiptjenko gallery, another party was running — an opening of the solo show “Overhaul” by Annika Von Hausswolff. Her work is based on a documentary project, examining a world in rapid change and flux.

 “Overhaul” /Annika Von Hausswolff – Andréhn-Schiptjenko 

 “Overhaul” /Annika Von Hausswolff – Andréhn-Schiptjenko 

Photographs by Konsthopp

This is just a snapshot of an overall starry night. It was full of life and packed with people — all kind of people. You might have been there yourself and picked out your very favorite or maybe you’ve seen some of Konsthopp’s photographs from the night. However, we are about to mention our own top picks …

So stay tuned! It’s to be continued…

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