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Live event: 14th of September 2011, The Scarlett Gallery (Stockholm)

Photographs by Konsthopp

I know it’s a bit late but this gallery is one to keep an eye on! Check out their upcoming events here.

Artist: Pure Evil

Place: The Scarlett Gallery, Katarina Bangatan 57, Stockholm

Opening hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 11.00 – 15.00. Or by appointment

More photographs from the night here!

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On-going: 1st of September – 1st of October 2011, Peter Bergman (Stockholm)

What are they?

Where do they come from?

Made of contrasting material — looking primitive, unconscious and poor — I was captivated by the sculptures standing in front of me, with a somewhat confident grin on their faces.

Queen of the Underground / Daniel Jensen (2011)

Peppermint / Daniel Jensen (2011)

Morning Dew / Daniel Jensen (2011)

Coral / Daniel Jensen (2011)

Photographs by Konsthopp

So — still a bit hypnotized — I just wanted to let you know that this week is the last to see Daniel Jenssen’s exhibition at Peter Bergman. An exhibition with a mystical undertone yet fascinating figures that are hard to overlook.

Date: 1st of September – 1st of October 2011

Artist: Daniel Jensen

Place: Peter Bergman gallery, Torsgatan 41, Stockholm

Opening hours: Tuesday – Friday, 12.00 – 17.00 ; Saturday, 12.00 – 16.00

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On-going: 2nd of September – 16th of October 2011, UKS (Oslo)

“Living human beings of beauty” — George Kuchar (1942 – 2011)

Photograph by Konsthopp

Still carrying my luggage, holding my heavy camera and a street map — trying every now and then to figure out wherever I was — I finally arrived to UKS, just five minutes before closing.

When I walked through the hallway, I encountered white candles and a photograph of a familiar face. The man on the photo was George Kuchar, one of the artist behind “The new lands”, who sadly passed away few weeks ago.

For those who didn´t know him, George Kuchar was an American filmmaker, who inspired underground film directors like John Waters and David Lynch in the 1960’s. His ability to make movies on a shoestring was a point of pride for him, and a motivation to several generations of young filmmakers.

P. Adams Sitney, a founder of Anthology Film Archives said recently in a NY-times interview dedicated to Kuchar:

  “His influence is incalculable — the whole world of YouTube is where you see it”

In spite of my little time and the confusion over Mr. Kuchar death, I didn´t have a spare moment to consider, understand or accept the exhibition. Instead, I snapped several photos which you can see here!

If you haven´t discovered George Kuchar yet, I encourage you to check out  his experimental films and videos. May he rest in peace.

Date: 2nd of September – 16th of October 2011

Artists: Eva DrangsholtGeorge Kuchar and Paul Gauguin

Place: UKS, Lakkegata 55D, Oslo

Opening hours: Tuesday – Friday, 10.00 – 17.00 ; Saturday – Sunday, 12.00 – 17.00

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On-going: 2nd of September – 9th of October 2011, 1857 (Oslo)

Quiet, peaceful, easy…

There is something special about Sundays. Either you love them — or you hate them.

I’m one of those Sunday lovers. My first experience of a Sunday morning in Oslo didn’t let me down either as I was about to have the most interesting meeting of the trip. A meeting with the Dutch artist and pioneer —  Ad de Jong.

In “Help young worlds” — his first solo exhibition in Scandinavia — Ad de Jong presents four different sculptures. The sculptures are a part of a larger project, Start a New Art World, which was first launched by the artist few years ago and has today resulted in a wonderful book.

In the year of 2000 the artist began a series of sculptures using epoxy resin. Back then, he started producing large-scale installation and wall-based works, which today still remain the core of his artistic practice.

The largest sculpture in this exhibition was produced especially for Gallery 1857, a six-meter long cylindrical model, composed of large intersecting cones and colourful freckles. The viewers are welcome to touch, smell and feel the work — a significant factor for an overall experience of the show.

Photographs by Konsthopp

Ad de Jong has been a vital part of the Dutch art scene since the late 1970s. After graduating in 1979, he gathered some hands and framed W139 — an exhibition space for contemporary art, located in the heart of Amsterdam.

Luckily for us, the artist was present at Gallery 1857 this particular Sunday morning. Laid back, open for discussion and ready to share his exclusive comprehension of contemporary visual art, it was easy to be around him.

“Easy like a Sunday morning”.

Date: 2nd of September – 9th of October 2011

Artist: Ad de Jong

Place: 1857Tøyenbekken 12, Oslo

Opening hours: Tuesday – Friday, 12.00 – 17.00 ; Saturday – Sunday, 12.00 – 16.00 

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On-going: 26th of August – 25th of September 2011, Candyland (Stockholm)

This weekend is the last to see “New work” by the American artists Amer Ellen Hochberg and Sharon Birzer. The exhibition feature feminine objects and famous female symbols, such as shoes collection, embroidered nightdresses, baby clothes and pear-shaped leaves.

Photographs by Konsthopp

The story that lies behind Ellen Hochberg´s installation is quite fascinating and apparently, she uses leaves as a metaphor for women. Or as the curator, Jean Ploteau descibes:

They are idealized leaves. They are archetypes, simplified to its ultimate form and sometimes it feels that we can see nothing but the venation of a leave and we face the bare sheet of paper where the lines are drawn. And it’s the same sign, a kind of signature that Ellen repeats obsessively, creating a grid, a screen, a shield of leaves. Yet, each leave, each bugle and curve, each twist and surface seems to carry the mark of time passing, a promise, maturity or a term/limit.

If you are devoted to fascinating stories or feminine objects, you should try this one out. To see more photos from the exhibition click here!

Date: 26th of August – 25th of September 2011

Artists: Ellen Hochberg and Sharon Birzer

Place: Candyland, Gotlandsgatan 76, Stockholm

Opening hours: Saturday and Sunday, 14.00 – 17.00

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Nordic art fair: 16th – 18th of September 2011, Forum (Copenhagen)

Ólafur Elíasson – Andersens Contemporary (DK)

A total of 81 Nordic galleries gathered together last weekend in Forum — a huge event-building — where The Nordic Art Fair, Art Copenhagen was held for the 15th time. Like in recent years, the Danish art scene was in the foreground, represented with 52 art galleries while 29 of the exhibitors came from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and the Faeroe Islands.

A number of galleries were on board for the first time; Lautom Contemporary (Oslo), Björkholmen Gallery (Stockholm) and Andersen’s Contemporary gallery (Copenhagen) were all newcomers to the Nordic art fair. Regulars included Andréhn-Schiptjenko (Stockholm), Elastic (Malmö), Galeria Anhava (Helsinki) and I8 (Reykjavík). The fair also passed a milestone, as art collectors from all around the world participated in a special organized VIP program. The fair is owned by Forum Copenhagen, which together with a fair committee is responsible for artistic management as well as selecting all of the participating galleries.

Konsthopp was in Copenhagen over the weekend, so of course we couldn’t miss the chance to check it out. It was our first time there, and believe me when I say that it was HUGE.

Assa Kauppi – Andersson Sandström (SE)

Thordis Adalsteinsdottir – Galleri Specta (DK)

Smike Käszner – Gallery Poulsen (DK)

Andreas Golder – Galleri Larm (DK) 

Maria Rubinke – Hans Alf Gallery (DK)

Bojan Radojcic – Galerie Pi (DK)

Yoko Ono – Wanås (SE)

Photographs by Konsthopp

These photographs hopefully give a little glimpse of what we saw at Art Copenhagen but are just a tiny piece of our whole “art experience” in the city.  So stay tuned, there is more to come!

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“Och nu kör vi över gränsen mellan Sverige och Norge”, announces’s the SJ trainman. I look out of the window but I really don’t see any difference.

Trees, trees, trees. Here, there and everywhere…

Photograph by Konsthopp

However, when I arrived in Oslo, it was clear that I was no longer in Stockholm. The streets were dirtier, the class division was more obvious and the people seemed to be more open. Suddenly, I felt like the two Nordic capitals belonged to completely different worlds.

But the Konsthopp mission last weekend was surely not to analyse Nordic cities. The schedule was tight and in only three days we attended several art exhibitions, spent a day in Moss (6th Momentum Biennial) and had some interesting chats with couple of artists and curators. “La crème de la crème” was an early morning visit to an artist studio in Grünerløkka, a neighborhood known as one of Oslo’s most trendiest (check out photos here!).

So whether you are hunting for an exciting art scene, a wild night-live or just hanging around in an easy explored and a friendly city — you must try Oslo.

In fact, it felt a little bit like home for us — somewhere between Reykjavik and Copenhagen.

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