Vernissage: 25th of August 2011, ID:I Gallery (Stockholm)

“Conspire, Agitate, Analyze, Resist, Vegetate”

This is how the artists, Charlotte Enström and Åsa Franck, describe their exhibition “Sheeben -The Underground Spiritual Game” — which according to themselves is the first and only Sheeben in Stockholm.

It was like we’d been invited to a private party in someone’s apartment. The entrance of the gallery space was furnished like a cosy living room and walking further inside, there was a small room provided with a bed, sofa and bureau. The space was lighted up with exceptional lamps and there was people, music, wine and artwork.

Originally, the word “sheeben” comes from Ireland but is today more often associated with South Africa. Under the apartheid and the Rhodesian era, black Africans could not enter a pub or a bar reserved for whites so the sheebens were used as an alternative to those places. The sheebens became a crucial meeting places for activists and other groups and were seen as important in unifying the community and providing a safe place for discussion.

 The places also provided music and dancing, allowing patrons to express themselves culturally.

Photographs by Konsthopp

As the title declares, the exhibition is inspired by this idea. Another intention with the exhibition, Charlotte told me, is to bring something new to the city; something they’ve both experienced in Berlin, and which they self believe is missing in Stockholm. An exhibition space that is open for debate, encounter and a new fellowship between the art, the people and the place.

I agree with them. It was really a different experience, like a liberating vibe into Stockholm art life. And the best of it all was that we got to be a part of it.

It was the first but hopefully not the last “Sheeben” in Stockholm. I loved it!

P.S. The buzz says it’s going on right now!! So off we go… See you there

Date: 25th of August, 30th of August and 2nd of September 2011 (other dates will be announced later)

Artists: Charlotte Enström and Åsa Franck

Place: ID:I galleri, Tjärhovsgatan 19, Stockholm

Opening hours: 20.00 – open end

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