“Och nu kör vi över gränsen mellan Sverige och Norge”, announces’s the SJ trainman. I look out of the window but I really don’t see any difference.

Trees, trees, trees. Here, there and everywhere…

Photograph by Konsthopp

However, when I arrived in Oslo, it was clear that I was no longer in Stockholm. The streets were dirtier, the class division was more obvious and the people seemed to be more open. Suddenly, I felt like the two Nordic capitals belonged to completely different worlds.

But the Konsthopp mission last weekend was surely not to analyse Nordic cities. The schedule was tight and in only three days we attended several art exhibitions, spent a day in Moss (6th Momentum Biennial) and had some interesting chats with couple of artists and curators. “La crème de la crème” was an early morning visit to an artist studio in Grünerløkka, a neighborhood known as one of Oslo’s most trendiest (check out photos here!).

So whether you are hunting for an exciting art scene, a wild night-live or just hanging around in an easy explored and a friendly city — you must try Oslo.

In fact, it felt a little bit like home for us — somewhere between Reykjavik and Copenhagen.

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