Prepare yourself for an adventure.

Our destination is Copenhagen. Wonderful Copenhagen, the former capital city of Iceland and home to some of my best friends.

 Typical afternoon on Nørrebro

When I lived in Copenhagen, couple of years ago, most people wouldn´t dare to go to Nørrebro (except for buying cheap alcohol or avocados!). Today on the other hand, the buzzling neighbourhood is one of the trendiest district in the city. Still rough, it’s incredibly charming with a combination of stylish shops, people and cafés vs. bums, gangs and drug dealers.

Konsthopp — like always — was cultural-minded in Copenhagen. We danced our ass off at FM Belfast´s concert, absorbed exceptional ideas at alt_cph11, and were exposed to an art community based in east Nørrebro.

Despite all of these doings, Jægersborggade was probably the greatest discovery of our trip. In fact, we see ourselves driven to write a blog entry specially dedicated to the street.


Photographs by Konsthopp

And back to the overwhelmingly happy Danes. According to some international surveys that are published every couple of years, Denmark is one of the happiest nations on earth.

In other words, with some of the best quality of life, famously good food, Cristania and Carlsberg (probably the best b**r in the world!) — honestly — who wouldn’t be happy?


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