Our favorite street in Copenhagen

We were regular guests at Jægersborggade on our recent trip to Copenhagen. The street has a reputation of being the city’s second largest market for cannabis after Christiania, where drug dealers visibly operate around the clock. However, our purpose there was not to buy cannabis or any other drugs but to satisfy another addiction — with a cup of a quality coffee.

In fact, the street ended up being highly appreciated as a starting point for most of our daily actions.

It´s all in the coffee!

The Street find its Way

To tell you a little bit more about the street we have to revert to the year of 2009. Back then, several shops at Jægersborggade were shut down as a result of the global financial crisis. The drug trade on the street was blooming, controlled faithfully by Hells Angels and their affiliates in the AK81 gang. One night, when 33 gunshots were fired in the street between rival dealers, two architects, Saskia Mia Peinow and Lise Bjerre Schmidt, sat down and developed the project; The street find its way. The team grabbed the opportunity and decided to transform vacant shop windows and unrented basements into temporary exhibition spaces for art and architecture. Over a period of almost two years, more than 60 artists contributed to the project and turned the chaotic and empty image of the street into a blooming cultural venue.

So as you’ve hopefully realized by now, Jægersborggade has more to offer than good coffee. But if you need to satisfy your coffee addiction, we can easily recommend Lyst and Retro.  Additionally, the street has many interesting specialty stores, filled with design/vintage clothing and objects, spots for gourmets like Ro Chocolate and of course art galleries — not to mention its trendy residents and colorful characters.

If you are on your way to Copenhagen don´t let this historical street pass by!

Sunday flea market on Jægersborggade

Photographs by Konsthopp

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