Vernissage: 6th of October 2011, Galleri Anna Thulin (Stockholm)

Time is a complex concept. When having fun it passes too fast, when being bored it goes too slow. Sometimes I have to much of it but mostly I’m in a serious lack of it. I try to catch up with time but it keeps on running away. Often — simply thinking about it — time just gives me ångest. Without any regards, the clock keeps on ticking.

The Clock

In spite of it’s complexity, Time Remapping remained my impression after another big vernissage night in Stockholm. As the title might indicate, time is the theme of Tina Nykvist first solo exhibition at Galleri Anna Thulin. In this exhibition, the artist display three separated pieces and plays with matter of “the already recorded real-time”. Each piece represents a video concerning questions of the special properties of the video as medium and time as past, future and now.

The Spectator

Tina Nykvist says this about her exhibition:

The memory of the past and the notion of the future are essential to get the world to make sense. To look at and interpret a film is about identifying the conditions and to put oneself in a relation to an event. Our expectations for the future are based on our memories of the past. We create the future of our past.

Or like one of the first video artists, Nam Jun Paik, expressed it:

“The Future is Now”

The Viewer

Artist: Tina Nykvist

Date: 6th of October – 12th of November 2011

Place: Galleri Anna Thulin, Gävlegatan 10b, Stockholm

Opening hours: Wednesday – Friday, 12.00 – 18.00 ; Saturday, 12.00 – 16.00


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