Performance: 30th of September 2011 at 5 pm, ANTI Festival (Kuopio)

Proclaimer by Kirsi Pitkänen

There she was, standing on the terrace of the city hall, shouting out words through the megaphone. Unfortunately — as I still don’t understand any Finish — these words didn’t tell me anything at all. While standing there in my cluelessness, I decided to use my eyes — and my imagination — to observe the reaction of the broad audience located at the town’s square.

Here is a short list of what I saw:

  • The kids (a.k.a. “The Jury”): Some of them smiling, pointing at each other and laughing occationally but most just looking bored. The camera was getting more attention that the Proclaimer and it looked like at least three girls made up their own “Beyoncé dance” during the performance. In the end, all of the kids just seems to want to leave — a long time ago.
  • The artsy types:  Most of them looked interested, appreciating the art form.
  • The “wannabe” artsy types (including me): Plain cluelessness — still giving the impression that they “got the point”.
  • The “on our way from work”: Didn’t seem to be too interested but the Proclaimer did catch their attention.
  • The Kuopio residents: Seemed to enjoy it in some ways (smiles, laugh, shaking heads). At least they understood what she was saying.
  • The tranny: Justin Credible holding a sign that said: “ask a tranny”

I can’t say that Kirsi didn’t get folks attention. But there was only one man that shoutet back at her — and seemed to be rather upset by the whole situation.

And that’s it.

If it still sounds clueless to you, just go with the jury’s results:

Proclaimer — the most silly and boring art performance of ANTI-Festival 2011 (Children’s Choice award)

Photographs by Konsthopp


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2 responses to “PROCLAIMER

  1. Great post and nice photos! 😉

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