Date: 23rd of November – 7th of December 2011,

The Scarlett Gallery (Stockholm)

Today was the closing of Erik Kihlbaums show, Retrospektiv, at The Scarlett Gallery. This was the last exhibition (and my favourite!) in the gallery’s so-called “November threesome”; an idea inspired by the PechaKucha style (20×20), where the gallery displayed three shows over a shorter period of time. A great concept (always positive to break up the norms, right?) that activated their audience over the month and gave them the chance to see varied work by 4 talented, Swedish artists.

And Erik Kihlbaums is definitely talented. His unique technique must be one of the first thing you notice as his drawings are really photo realistic. Combined with that, the theme of work was quite powerful. According to the curator, his art work “… shows an interest in masculinity and investigates the power structures and hierarchies within different communities where masculinity is manifested”. And personally I really felt this high energy of men — and things like sports, cars, muscles etc. — floating around the room. I was really impressed by the power — which weirdly enough felt quite feminised to me.

But that was just me…

My ultimate favourite must have been The Boxer. An action man with a “perfect” trained body and big muscles but who at the same time looked so sad — and actually a bit foolish. I wanted to have it! but being realistic I realized (quick enough) that this was not a piece for my budged. The good news is that with each show, The Scarlett Gallery create their own ‘specials’ — an edition of between 20-30 screen prints of chosen work that is signed and numbered by the artist. This is a great alternative for buyers and is done in a good co-operation with the artists — and is always priced at 500 sek.

Now we’re talking!

Photographs by Konsthopp

The gallery is just on fire these days and tomorrow (8th of December) they are opening a new show by the established UK artist, Ed Hodgkinson. His work is simple, bold and colourful — something we all need in the darkness of December!

So be sure you pass by the gallery tomorrow (RSVP) to enjoy some colours, be bold and maybe you’ll even have the chance to practise on your British with Ed (I’ve heard he’s a nice guy too!)

Date: 23rd of November – 7th of December 2011

Artist: Erik Kihlbaums (curated by Peder Wennersten)

Place: The Scarlett Gallery, Katarina Bangatan 57, Stockholm

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