Artist talk: Monika Fryčová (Czech Republic)

It´s my belief that foreigners add colour to the life of Nordic communities. Not only literally — by the meaning of the word of colour — but rather culturally. The globalization has brought to us e.g. new knowledge, customs, ideas, gourmet food and intercultural exchanges in both music and art.

A short while ago, I met Monika Fryčová at her exhibition Perpeetum Mobile at Kling & Bang. Suddenly, the globalization became very vivid — almost touchable. There we stood, two women from different nations, wearing furs from east and west, talking about art together in English — with most regard to the east-european car, which was moved from Berlin to Reykjavik, not so long ago.

Here is a part of Monika Fryčová artist statement:

Monika Fryčová works with any sort of media and techniques. She frequently deals with untranslatable experiences, trying to per/form under their own rhythms…

…She has been exploring intercultural issues and border culture, exotic minorities and experimental languages. In recent years she has been focussed on Iceland due to its intense confrontations of the elements and unique meetings.

She avoids repeating herself.  

Since we started this blog in April, we have interviewed inspirational artists from China, Mexico, Greece, Denmark, Peru, Sweden, Iceland and now — The Czech Republic.  Living permanently or temporarily in Nordic countries they all have in common to significantly stimulate our cultural communities and art experiences.

We are proud to present our latest and last artist talk of 2011.

Please welcome Monika Fryčová!

QuengKong / performance by Monika Fryčová, 2011 (Penestanan, Bali)

Photograph belong to Monika Fryčová

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