On-going: 21st of January – 19th of February 2012, Galleri Kontrast (Stockholm)

Each morning I read through the headlines of the newspaper. Some articles interest me and are worth my attention, others not.  Most people have the same experience, we quickly riffle through the newspaper, read short articles and notes but most of the time it’s already a lost memory. Easy to forget.

“Bakom rubrikerna” (“Behind the headlines”) is a final project of seventeen photostudents at the Nordens Fotoskola. Seventeen stories are told and inspired by equally many newsarticles that the studenst have picked out themselves. Through their photographs, they tell us things that we wouldn’t be able to find otherwise in our newspaper. It is interesting to see what they’ve found and how they were inspired to explore people’s stories in order to show what has been hiding behind the headlines.

“Aina & Tage” / Photoseries by Rebecka Uhlin

“Kängorna på marken” / Photoseries by Angelica Sander

“Mellanåringar” / Photoseries by Evelina Carborn

“Alldeles ny” / Photoseries by Anna Surma

“Jag vill inte att du blir ensam” / Film by Robin Haldert

Photographs taken by Konsthopp

The real “Stockholmare” ; mothers with their newborn babies; swedish cheerleaders ; senior home; teenage spirits ; five decades of marriage ; ex-relationships ; friendships ;  soldiers in Afghanistan; asylum seekers …

The photographs are beautiful but it’s the stories behind each series that really brings them to life. Stories of people — relationships — destinies. Stories that are complicated and show a whole rainbow of emotions (see all the photographs here).

It’s really impressive how intimate and personal some of the projects are. It can’t be easy to let go of your own ego and gain that trust, which is needed to be able tell another person’s story — or in some cases — to tell your own story.

The students are brave and should be proud of their work — each headline was worth to be explored and different stories to be told. There is a soul and a heart in it.

And that is what I call art!

Date: 21st of January – 19th of February 2012

Artists: Andreas Nilsson, Angelica Zander, Anna Ekros, Anna Surma, Evelina Carborn, Gustav Hugosson, Karl Henrik Edlund, Katja Annola, Kenny Bengtsson, Lisa Irvall, Ola Håkansson, Rebecka Uhlin, Robin Haldert, Samuel Unéus, Sara Johari, Sebastian Waldenby, Viktor Johansson

Place: Galleri Kontrast, Hornsgatan 8, Stockholm

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