On-going: 4th of February – 17th of March 2012,

Färgfabriken (Stockholm)

There is an ongoing exhibition, called TEJP STOCKHOLM, at Färgfabriken. As the name might indicate the work is entirely made out of tape, in an installation by the Croatian / Austrian artist group Numen. The project is a collaboration between Färgfabriken and the Swedish director Tobias Rydin, who invited Numen to Stockholm. Thereby the art work is both an exhibition at Färgfabriken as well as being the scenography for Tobias Rydins upcoming film KIM.

The opening night for TEJP at Färgfabriken, 4th of February 2012

This is not the first time the art group Numen (consisting of Sven Jonke, Christoph Katzler and Nikola Radeljkovic) make this kind of exhibition. They are internationally known for their excellent installations made by tape and have built their work in both public spaces as well as galleries and theater stages. The main hall at Färgfabriken is thus now covered with something that looks like a huge spider web and which took — if my memory holds — around 10 days with 15 people to set up (please contact the gallery if you need concrete information).

The installation has its twist as the audience is invited to climb inside and explore the artwork and the space from all angles. I was at Färgfabriken on the opening night and it is hard to describe the sense of climbing inside — what to me felt like — a huge chrysalis made out of tape. I admit I was a bit sceptic and maybe a little scared that the whole thing would break down but after few minutes of ensuring myself I was safe, I could only enjoy! Along with three friends (max five people inside at a time) I was allowed to climb, crawl and slide between the tunnels of the art work. It was as we went back to childhood and we had so much fun. We were inside the playhouse — feeling like kids again — free from worlds miseries.

It might sound corny but that’s how I’d describe it. You must go there yourself to get what I mean. So if you’re in town, don’t miss it (gäller även Stockholmare!).

Recommended for any age!

Photographs belong to Konsthopp

Artist: NUMEN (for use) : Sven Jonke, Christoph Katzler and Nikola Radeljkovic

Date: 4th of February – 17th of March 2012

Place: Färgfabriken, Lövholmsbrinken 1, Stockholm

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