Photographic artist: Nanna Hänninen (Finland)

Does Kuopio ring any bells?

A smaller city on the east coast of Finland. Where we headed last year to experience ANTI – Contemporary art festival. Well, the city has certainly more attraction than the amusing art festival and the famous Finnish saunas. Namely — Nanna Hänninen.

She might be well recognized in her home country and some niches of the art world. However I just discovered her gripping work  — thanks to the information technology.

The latest work from the artist (2012)

Photos are taken from Nanna Hänninen website

Nanna Hänninen was born in 1973.  She lives and works in Kuopio. She studied at the Lahti Institute of Design, the Hochschule für Kunst und Gestaltung in Zürich and the University of Art and Design in Helsinki. Her work has been shown in several solo shows and numerous group exhibitions and are part of international institutional and private collections all over the world.

She belongs to the to the pioneering generation of Finnish art photographers known as the “Helsinki School” and has gained critical acclaim for re-thinking her medium of photography and abstract photographs.

Artist: Nanna Hänninen

Kuopio´s blog entries includes: 7 day drunk, Proclaimer, Analogies can make one feel at home, Back and forth and Remake, rebuild and renew.

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