Vernissage: 12th of April 2012, Art Concept Store (Stockholm)

On-going is an exhibition by Anna-Maria Hilborn and Jannike Simonsson at the artist-run gallery Art Concept Store. The exhibition “Det lämnade” (the left ones) revolves around abandoned houses and delicated loneliness. With mixed media of paintings, drawings and collage (of i.g. old letters and stamps) the artists explore the human absence — at the same time as “the left ones” give the viewer a possibility to mentaly move in and fill up the vacant spaces.

The exhibition is opened between 12.00 – 16.00 next weekend!

“Det lämnade” by Anna-Maria Hillborn & Jannike Simonsson

Work by Anna-Maria Hilborn

Work by Jannike Simonsson

“Detroit II” by Anna-Maria Hilborn

Photographs by Konsthopp

Artists: Anna-Maria Hillborn & Jannike Simonsson

Date: 12th – 22nd of February 2012

Place: Art Concept Store, Bjurholmsplan 23, Stockholm

Opening hours: Saturday – Sunday, 12.00 – 16.00


Filed under Collage/Clip Art, Drawings, Paintings, Stockholm, Young Art

5 responses to “DET LÄMNADE

  1. I am really enjoying the collaged houses. The choice of ephemera, letters , stamps etc gives another layer of meaning to the images.

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  3. These are so full of emotion. I studied architecture so I spent a lot of time creating and looking at plans, sections and elevations of buildings. Often times I thought they looked so dead but in reality buildings have so much character. I thought of somehow creating pieces that would show this but haven’t actually done them. These are like portraits of buildings – Not in the way an architect would show them, like a product to be consumed and admired; but like an artist would see them, full of beautiful flaws and memories that make them come alive.

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