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Vernissage: 16th of May 2012, Konstfack (Stockholm)

A glimpse in photographs from the opening of the spring exhibition at Konstfack last Wednesday. The exhibition is open until Sunday 27th of May. Stay tuned for more photographs and interviews!

 Live show & performance by Dyke Hard

“The ceremony” by Tobias Larsson

“I wasn’t allowed to wear black” by Liv Pettersson

“Lugnt, Stillsamt, Vackert” by Julia Dalgren

“PATTERN ATTACK” by Lisa Dalenius

“Smara” by Emma Persson

“Girls Club” by Karin Kakan Hermansson

“Happy meal” by Supawan Sihapoompichit

Work by Ida Bentinger

“Extensions, retractions, and missing parts” by Bianca Niabuco

“Ramené” by Emilie Florin

Work by Yusi-Chen

Work by Jonna Fransson

Photographs by Konsthopp

You can check out Konstfack´s 2011 exhibition here and here!

Artists: Newly graduates with Bachelor and Master degrees from Konstfack

Date: 16th – 27th of May 2012

Place: Konstfack, Telefonplan, Stockholm

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Artist talk: Haidar Mahdi (Sweden)

“Honest hearts produce honest actions” 

The highly honest artist; describe himself as “an insecure soft guy, a bit out of track.” (According to his profile picture, soft would absolutely not be the adjective I would use!)

He doesn’t have any favorite artists and the capability of clay brings him to a state of blissfulness. This is Haidar Maidhi; a 25-year-old Swede, currently living in Stockholm and the latest representative in our artist talk. You can read the full interview here.

From the exhibition “Black Mass,” Haidar Maidhi´s solo exhibition at the Royal Institute of Arts, Stockholm 2012.

Photograph belong to Haidar Maidhi


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On-going: 4th of February – 17th of March 2012,

Färgfabriken (Stockholm)

There is an ongoing exhibition, called TEJP STOCKHOLM, at Färgfabriken. As the name might indicate the work is entirely made out of tape, in an installation by the Croatian / Austrian artist group Numen. The project is a collaboration between Färgfabriken and the Swedish director Tobias Rydin, who invited Numen to Stockholm. Thereby the art work is both an exhibition at Färgfabriken as well as being the scenography for Tobias Rydins upcoming film KIM.

The opening night for TEJP at Färgfabriken, 4th of February 2012

This is not the first time the art group Numen (consisting of Sven Jonke, Christoph Katzler and Nikola Radeljkovic) make this kind of exhibition. They are internationally known for their excellent installations made by tape and have built their work in both public spaces as well as galleries and theater stages. The main hall at Färgfabriken is thus now covered with something that looks like a huge spider web and which took — if my memory holds — around 10 days with 15 people to set up (please contact the gallery if you need concrete information).

The installation has its twist as the audience is invited to climb inside and explore the artwork and the space from all angles. I was at Färgfabriken on the opening night and it is hard to describe the sense of climbing inside — what to me felt like — a huge chrysalis made out of tape. I admit I was a bit sceptic and maybe a little scared that the whole thing would break down but after few minutes of ensuring myself I was safe, I could only enjoy! Along with three friends (max five people inside at a time) I was allowed to climb, crawl and slide between the tunnels of the art work. It was as we went back to childhood and we had so much fun. We were inside the playhouse — feeling like kids again — free from worlds miseries.

It might sound corny but that’s how I’d describe it. You must go there yourself to get what I mean. So if you’re in town, don’t miss it (gäller även Stockholmare!).

Recommended for any age!

Photographs belong to Konsthopp

Artist: NUMEN (for use) : Sven Jonke, Christoph Katzler and Nikola Radeljkovic

Date: 4th of February – 17th of March 2012

Place: Färgfabriken, Lövholmsbrinken 1, Stockholm

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… for you to finish off the shift

Textile in the expanded field by Konstfack Master students

Concern 1 by Anna Nordström

Walking walking dream by Miwa Akabane

Keeping together by Bianca Nabuco

Be civilized by Emma Persson

Pile / Pairs / Scrunch sock

Photographs by Konsthopp

Date: 26th of October – 13th of November 2011

Artists: Bianca Nabuco, Anna Nordström, Emma Persson, Dagmara Stephan, Miwa Akabane, Evelina Hedin, Manja Hunger and Aiko Kubo

Place: Färgfabriken, Lövholmsbrinken 1, Stockholm

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Finissage: 23rd of October 2011, Id:i galleri (Stockholm)

The blink of an eye.

Time that is so short that you don’t even count it as real. Still you blink your eyes ca. 14000 times per day, were each blink counts 1/5 of a second. This means that around 46 minutes of your day pass by without you even noticing it.

This time — the eternal blink of an eye — is the idea behind Christer Chytraéus latest exhibition, Dark Time.


By building a camera with censors connected to his eyelid and hiding it inside his hat, the artist has created a work that represents the time we never see — the moments that are already lost. And the camera taken back to it its phenomenological origin — to capture these moments.

Dark Time (Video)

Dark Time (Video)

Dark Time (Stills)

Photographs by Konsthopp

Again it’s the complex comprehension of time that kindle my interest. Approaching unconscious moments that still counts at least 46 minutes each day. Moments that we are part of but which we will never really see…

This is the last weekend to see the ongoing exhibition at Id:i gallery and on Sunday you can enjoy warm drinks in the appearance of Christer Chytraéus. An artist who took a piece of skin from his backside body, cultivated it in a laboratory in Linköping and exhibited (as a final exam at Konstfack) a self-portrait made from the results. Remarkable!

Artist: Christer Chytraéus

Date: 7th of October – 23rd of October 2011

Place: Id:i galleri, Tjärhovsgatan 19, Stockholm

Opening hours: Wednesday – Friday, 12.00 – 18.00 ; Saturday – Sunday, 12.00 – 16.00

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Artist talk: Sanne Rosenqvist (Denmark)

Sanne Rosenqvist is one of the reason we’ve changed our attentiveness to ceramic art. Her intimate installations drew our attention instantly at the Konstfack Degree exhibition and we wanted to learn more about this talented artist.

“I dont know if I have found my own style yet but when I work with ceramics my focus is on concepts and how to communicate through form. My ceramic work is quite minimalistic…. I like to keep a certain immediacy and rawness in my work and humor is very important to me”.

Through our latest “artist talk” we’ve not only learned how Sanne works with her ceramics but we’ve also learned that she comes from Denmark, she has always been fascinated by fine art and if she would be another artist for a day, it would be Björk.

Learn more about Sanne and see photographs of her work by reading the whole interview here.

Photograph by Konsthopp

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On-going: 3rd – 19th of June 2011, Kulturhuset (Stockholm)

Windows of the soul? Or just a great exhibition space?

Photographs by Konsthopp

The windows of Kulturhuset are the exhibition space for this work, presented by Konstfack’s first year Bachelor students. The exhibition includes 12 individual works that express a common desire to explore textiles in an innovative way.

 Trying and searching within material, identity and beliefs. They repeat, tear down and build up.

Together with the art you can also catch some pretty stunning view of Sergel torg, one of the busiest meeting-poinst in Stockholm.

Date: 3rd – 19th of June 2011

Artists: Bachelor students in Textile from Konstfack

Place: Kulturhuset, 3rd floor, Sergels torg, Stockholm

Opening hours: Further information about this exhibition and other exhibitions at Kulturehuset can be found here.

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