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Vernissages: 19th of May 2012, Reykjavik Arts Festival

Photographs by Konsthopp

Date: 17th of May, throughout the summer 2012.

What: 1857, A kassen, Anonymous, AIM Europe, Box, Endemi, Goksøyr & Martens, IC98,  The Icelandic Love Corporation, Institut før Degeneret Kunst, Jóna Hlíf Halldórsdóttir & Hlynur Hallsson, Kling & Bang, Learning Site & Jaime Stapleton, M.E.E.H., Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas and Group 4.333”, Melissa Dubbin & Aaron S. Davidson, No Gods No Parents (UKS), NÝLÓ & Archive of Artist Run Initiatives, Raflost & Steina, Sofia Hultén & Ivan Seal, Superflex, The Artist Formerly Known as Geist, The Awareness Muscle Team , The Leyline Project, The New Beauty Council with Elin Strand Ruin, Mariana Alves & Katarina Bonnevier, Útidúr and Wooloo.

Where: Litla kaffistofan. LÁ Art MuseumThe National Gallery of IcelandThe Nordic houseThe Icelandic Sculptural AssociationEndemii8, galleryReykjavik Art Museum – HafnarhúsASÍ Art MuseumKling & Bang, gallery, SÍM, Nýló and Artima gallery.

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On-going: 14th of April – 13th of May 2012, Listasafn ASÍ (Reykjavik)

The visual art in the city — The city in the visual art

It can be hard to define what is sociopolitical art. But as far as I know  — all art in public sphere have political implication. And since our flavor of this month is sociopolitical art;  it is a must to mention the ongoing project; Núningur (e. Friction).

The project is build upon ideas by couple of artists and scholars and have been under way for a while. Together — the project deliberates about the many-sided connection between visual art and the urban community.

“Veghelgunarsvæði” by Ósk Vilhjálmsdóttir

“Heyr mína bæn” by Katrína Mogensen

“Kleine Welten” by Christian Hasucha

Photographs are taken from the project´s Facebook site

Listasafn ASÍ is working as a kind of center for the project but the the work will be published all over Reyakjvík city this year. An ambitious exhibition catalogue have been released and many open symposium are scheduled in relation to the show. So stay tuned!

Date: 14th of April – 13th of May 2012

Artists: Ásdís Sif Gunnarsdóttir, Ásmundur Ásmundsson, Berglind Jóna Hlynsdóttir, Brynjar Helgason, Christian Hasucha, Elin Wikström, Gunnar J. Árnason, Hjálmar Sveinsson, Hlynur Hallsson, Indriði Arnar Ingólfsson, Ingirafn Steinarsson, Ívar Glói Gunnarsson, Karl Torsten Stallborn, Katrín Eyjólfsdóttir, Katrína Mogensen, Margrét H. Blöndal, Nikulás Stefán Nikulásson, Nína Óskarsdóttir, Páll Haukur Björnsson, Ósk Vilhjálmsdóttir, Ragna Sigurðardóttir, Stefán Óli Baldursson, Una Ösp Steingrímsdóttir, Unnar Örn J. Auðarson, Þorvaldur Þorsteinsson, Þröstur Valgarðsson, and Æsa Sigurjónsdóttir

Curators: Einar Garibaldi Eiríksson, Kristinn E. Hrafnsson and Ólafur Gíslason

Place: Listasafn ASÍ,  Freyjugötu 41, Reykjavík

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Friday — the 20th of January 2012

There is an exciting weekend ahead for art lovers and aesthetes in Reykjavik. Santiago Sierra initiate the program with a performance, The Black cone in Austurvöllur today at 13.00.

For those who hunger for more Sierra, there is an exhibition opening with his work and polemical documentaries in Reykjavik Art Museum, Hafnarhúsið tonight at 20.00

No pope © Santiago Sierra, photograph courtesy of Estudio de Santiago Sierra 

Saturday — the 21st of January 2012

The unusual exhibition; Cyborg(s):Strange Creators and Creations will be launched in Kópavogur Art Museum, Gerðarsafn tomorrow at 15.00.

The curators of the show are Úlfhildur Dagsdóttir and Helgi Hjaltalín Eyjólfsson but the exhibition is based on the synonymous book by Úlfhildur which explores man´s fearful fascination with machines and technology. The exhibition will be opened by the Icelandic writer, Sjón.

The cover of the book; Sæborgin: Stefnumót líkama og tækni í ævintýri  og  veruleika. Photo taken from Spássí

At 17.00 same day, Gallery Kling og Bang will open their first exhibition of the year; Powerful picture (obsession-original) by Erling T. V. Klingenberg.

Sunday — the 22nd of January 2012

The exhibitionUnder Deconstruction by Libía Castro and Ólafur Ólafsson is now running in the National Gallery of Iceland. In relation to the show,  a lecture by the literary scholar; Hjálmar Sveinsson will be held on Sunday at 14.00.

Under Deconstruction was commissioned by the Icelandic Art Center for the Pavilion of Iceland at the 54th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia in 2011 and was curated by Ellen Blumenstein.

Your Country Doesn´t Exist – 2011. Photograph courtesy of Libía and Ólafur

Happy art weekend everyone!

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Lecture and an on-going exhibition: 25th of May 2011, Marabouparken (Stockholm)

One of  the “Smiths” fan, singing with a sentimental feeling

The exhibition “The world won’t listen” (2005) by Phil Collins is now running at Marabouparken. The three-part video installation features fans of the English alternative rock-band “The Smiths”, performing karaoke versions of tracks from their 1987 album. Collins made a karaoke machine in cooperation with local musicians in Bogotá 2004. After a city-wide campaign, Collins filmed 60 singers over three days. Each participant got half an hour to let their light shine. The project is filmed in Colombia, Turkey and Indonesia.

About the work, Collins ironically pointed out that; “Singing is an incredible simple and a moving experience. Doing karaoke is the first time you don´t sing along. You sort of murder the thing you love”.

The curator of the exhibition wrote these words about the video-installation:

A tender, humorous, and occasionally heartbreaking portrait of humanity, the work is a study on the mediation and strength of popular culture’s global reach.


“Britney” is the title of another work at the exhibition. It is a series of large-scale prints of defaced Britney Spears posters which Collins photographed in the New York subway, 2001. During the lecture, Phil Collins shared with the audience that his favorite letter is B. His favorite places in world starts with B, like Belfast, Belgrad, Bogotá (or countries which have problem with movements). His favorite authors starts with B as well. And of course, B- for Britney.

A re-posted poster from The Smiths karaoke project

Photographs by Konsthopp

The political UK artist, Phil Collins — sometimes confused with the same name pop star, was the star of the night. Wearing casual clothes, sneakers, holding a beer, with a Che Guevara tattoo on his upper left arm, made his presence so comfy. And so English.

Phil Collins currently lives and work in Berlin. He was shortlisted for the 2006 Turner Prize, the world’s best-known contemporary-art competition. Collins is known for using the camera as a ticket to gain access to the most profound human situations and experiences – birth, death, war, love and loss.  All these images deal effectively with global issues.

His most famous work is probably the two-screen video installation “They Shoot Horses”, from 2004.  “The world won´t listen” is on-going at Marabouparken until 24th of July 2011.

You can see more photos from the exhibition here.


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Vernissages: 30th of April 2011, Galleri Kontrast (Stockholm)

Sport feature photograph of the year 2011.” By Sara Strandlund/Freelance

Konsthopp was in the mood for photography last weekend. The direction was taken to Gallery Kontrast as two vernissages were taking place; “Årets bild 2011” and “Inom mig” by Tom Willhammar.

Annually the gallery shows ‘Årets bild’ or ’The Swedish picture of the year award‘. The 2011 winners are Peter Wixström, awarded for ’The best picture’ and Magnus Wennman as ’The press photographer of the year‘. Check the year´s nominated photographs here.

These outstanding photographs proof once again that ’a picture is worth a thousand words‘.

“Everyday life photograph of the year 2011” (Sweden). By Anette Nantell/Dagens Nyheter

“Everyday life photograph of the year 2011” (International). By Magnus Wennman/Aftonbladet

In the basement at the same gallery is another exhibition running called “Inom mig”. The photographer, Tom Willhammar, said that he prefer black & white photography because they reflect more emotions. Undoubtedly, these stunning photos reflects strong emotions. All the photos were shot in Bejing and Shanghai while the artist lived there in 2008.

After a lot of speculations, the photographer finally chose his darling. Love. Passion. Love it!

Photographs by Konsthopp

The Press Photographers Club in Sweden (PFK) runs Gallery Kontrast independently. It is devoted to photographs and has over the years developed a reputation as one of Swedens primary venue for documentary photography. These two exhibitions are no exception.

“Årets bild 2011” and “Inom sig” will be on-going until 22nd of May 2011.

Place: Galleri Kontrast, Hornsgatan 8, Stockholm

Opening hours: Wednesday – Thursday, 11.00 – 18.00 ; Friday, 12.00 – 17.00 ; Saturday – Sunday, 12.00 – 16.00

OBS. Next Wednesday (4th of May) will Peter Wixström and Magnus Wennman present their winning photographs from “Årets bild 2011” at Galleri Kontrast. The lecture starts at 19.00.

The admission is 60 SEK but it is free for GKV´s members. Membership in GKV is 100 SEK for 2011.

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