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Closing: 1st of July 2011, Wetterling Gallery (Stockholm)

In my third attempt looking for the well-hidden Wetterling Gallery, it suddenly appeared “out of nowhere” on a small corner at Kungträdgården (I have to admit, I can be quite retarded when it comes to directions!). My former fetish for dummies drew me specially to the gallery, where a must-see exhibition by Allen Jones, “In stages”, was recently launched.

But who is the man that legendarily turned down a request of designing the set for the classical film A Clockwork Orange by Stanley Kubrick? The man who was the first to portray the liberated and swingingly provocative women of the 60´s? The man who was among the first to see the Beatles film, Magical Mystery Tour, while partying with Paul McCartney in London?

That´s Allen Jones. A major protagonist of British Pop Art, best known for his erotic sculptures. Jones belongs to generation of visual artists who used a popular philosophical term, as a part of their working methodology. Other icons using the same method includes for example Andy Warhol, Tom Wesselmann and James Rosenquist.

With his exhibition “Chair”, “Table” and “Hat Stand” in 1969, Jones made the most famous forniphiliac (human furniture) artwork around. Some scholars even claim that the memorable sculptures overshadowed the rest of Jones’ career and work as an artist.

Photographs by Konsthopp

Olle Granath, a Swedish writer and critic has stated that with his paintings, Jones tells us that “the show must go on.” Allen Jones is now over 70 years old and has produced an enormous amount of work, both painted and sculpted. He currently lives and works in London.

 In his latest exhibition “In Stages”,  Allen Jones has once and again proofed that “the show certainly goes on”.

Date: 31st of May – 1st of June 2011

Artist: Allen Jones

Place: Wetterling Gallery, Kungsträdgården 3, Stockholm

Opening hours: Tuesday – Friday, 11.00 – 17.30 ; Saturday, 13.00 – 16.00

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