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Flavor of the month: Performance art

Over the past weeks I have been asking outsiders what they think about the visual art scene in Iceland. Is it different from the rest of Scandinavian scene? What stands out in the Icelandic art scene today?

The answer was clear.

Most people I spoke to, mentioned the active and very visible performance art scene. It did not surprise me. Our biggest stars in the visual art sectors today are performance artists — with Ragnar Kjartansson and Rúrí in the forefront.

Lord of the castle itch yes” by Leif Holmstrand (2009), CHRYSTAL

 “Back and Forth” by Gatëan Rusquet (2011), ANTI Festival

Mont Blanc” by Mimosa Pale (2011) Berlin. Image/Niina Braun

Peta loves Pollock” by Rakel McMahon (2009)

Dance Drawings” by Meghann Snow (2011), Young Art

Photographs by Konsthopp

Then again, some people might ask — what is performance art?
It is not easy to answer; but I hope the guidelines below might give you a tiny glimpse of what we are talking about when it comes to this specific art form.


»Performance Art is live.

»Performance Art has no rules or guidelines. It is art because the artist says it is art. It is experimental.

»Performance Art is not for sale. It may, however, sell admission tickets and film rights.

»Performance Art may be comprise of painting or sculpture (or both), dialogue, poetry, music, dance, opera, film footage, turned on television sets, laser lights, live animals and fire. Or all of the above. There are as many variables as there are artists.

»Performance Art is a legitimate artistic movement. It has longevity (some performance artists, in fact, have rather large bodies of work) and is a degreed course of study in many post-secondary institutions.

»Dada, Futurism, the Bauhaus and the Black Mountain College all inspired and helped pave the way for Performance Art.

»Performance Art is closely related to Conceptual Art. Both Fluxus and Body Art are types of Performance Art.

»Performance Art may be entertaining, amusing, shocking or horrifying. No matter which adjective applies, it is meant to be memorable.

— By Shelley Eesak,  ArtHistoryAbout.com

This month we are going to dig deeper into the field of this ancient art form!

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Photographic artist: Nanna Hänninen (Finland)

Does Kuopio ring any bells?

A smaller city on the east coast of Finland. Where we headed last year to experience ANTI – Contemporary art festival. Well, the city has certainly more attraction than the amusing art festival and the famous Finnish saunas. Namely — Nanna Hänninen.

She might be well recognized in her home country and some niches of the art world. However I just discovered her gripping work  — thanks to the information technology.

The latest work from the artist (2012)

Photos are taken from Nanna Hänninen website

Nanna Hänninen was born in 1973.  She lives and works in Kuopio. She studied at the Lahti Institute of Design, the Hochschule für Kunst und Gestaltung in Zürich and the University of Art and Design in Helsinki. Her work has been shown in several solo shows and numerous group exhibitions and are part of international institutional and private collections all over the world.

She belongs to the to the pioneering generation of Finnish art photographers known as the “Helsinki School” and has gained critical acclaim for re-thinking her medium of photography and abstract photographs.

Artist: Nanna Hänninen

Kuopio´s blog entries includes: 7 day drunk, Proclaimer, Analogies can make one feel at home, Back and forth and Remake, rebuild and renew.

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Performance: 30th of September 2011 at 5 pm, ANTI Festival (Kuopio)

Proclaimer by Kirsi Pitkänen

There she was, standing on the terrace of the city hall, shouting out words through the megaphone. Unfortunately — as I still don’t understand any Finish — these words didn’t tell me anything at all. While standing there in my cluelessness, I decided to use my eyes — and my imagination — to observe the reaction of the broad audience located at the town’s square.

Here is a short list of what I saw:

  • The kids (a.k.a. “The Jury”): Some of them smiling, pointing at each other and laughing occationally but most just looking bored. The camera was getting more attention that the Proclaimer and it looked like at least three girls made up their own “Beyoncé dance” during the performance. In the end, all of the kids just seems to want to leave — a long time ago.
  • The artsy types:  Most of them looked interested, appreciating the art form.
  • The “wannabe” artsy types (including me): Plain cluelessness — still giving the impression that they “got the point”.
  • The “on our way from work”: Didn’t seem to be too interested but the Proclaimer did catch their attention.
  • The Kuopio residents: Seemed to enjoy it in some ways (smiles, laugh, shaking heads). At least they understood what she was saying.
  • The tranny: Justin Credible holding a sign that said: “ask a tranny”

I can’t say that Kirsi didn’t get folks attention. But there was only one man that shoutet back at her — and seemed to be rather upset by the whole situation.

And that’s it.

If it still sounds clueless to you, just go with the jury’s results:

Proclaimer — the most silly and boring art performance of ANTI-Festival 2011 (Children’s Choice award)

Photographs by Konsthopp


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Video installation: 30th of September 2011, ANTI Festival (Kuopio)

I have always loved the idea of showing art in public spaces. It is surely critical but invites involvement of a different kind, often in a very unexpected way — or in unexpected places.

“Three stories from Kuopio: change, life and time” by Elaine Kordys

Photographs by Konsthopp

Art in public spaces should be more appreciated by the people!


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Performance: 30th of September 2011 at 14.00

ANTI Festival (Kuopio)

Youngsters, seniors, tons of ballons, naked man; a penis.

This was basically the scenario that laid before us when we walked into the College of Social and Health Care in Kuopio, where an unforgettable performance was about to take place.

Photographs by Konsthopp

It was quite obvious that Gatëan Rusquet is a professional perfromance artist — a kind of a person that would sacrifice almost anything in the name of art. And after a little less than one hour of binding, twisting, rubbing and squeezing, you could easily witness the physical tiredness of the artist.

It’s clearly a “knockout” to be an artist in action!

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