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Are you getting tired of too many fashion-oriented websites?

Fashion slave?

Photograph by Konsthopp

With a repository of trendy fashion blogs, Konsthopp celebrates every existing blog about contemporary art. Here are some interesting, exclusive websites which cover a wide-range of contemporary art.

This is tomorrow

Simple, user-friendly and well designed e-magazine about contemporary art worldwide. Once again, it is proofed that less is more.

Bad at Sports

Bad At Sports is a Chicago-based blog presenting great articles and alternative artist talks. It was founded in 2005 by two artists in a bar, with a beer and a desperate enthusiasm for art. The blog focuses on presenting the practices of artists, curators, critics, dealers, and various other art professionals through an online audio format. More public discussion about contemporary art is exactly what we need.

Utopia Parkway

The notable name blog was created by Belgian journalist, Hans-Maarten Post. Utopia Parkway is about art, beauty & culture, seen from a Belgian perspective without taking it too seriously.

Raw Function

They will not watch any more boring art. They discover something different.

Berliner Kunstkontakter

The most famous video art blog in Germany keeps you updated about the art scene in what some see as the current capital of the artistic world; Berlin.

Who killed Bambi?

A humoristic blog which was founded in 2007 and is run by Andrea Natale (web designer and project manager) Valentina Tanni (art critic and curator) and Marica Zottino (graphic and textile designer, fashion forecaster). At the moment, they are all based in Italy.

And last but not least; 

Fashion is Bullshit

There is no need to explain this blog any further. Check it out for inspiration, creativity, what to wear and not wear.

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