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Photographs taken from pinterest


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Net stroll: 15th of May 2012, Laura Redburn (U.K.)

I have heard that collage/clip art is trending heavily right now. So on my daily net stroll — I ran across these surreal and spellbinding artworks by Cardboard Cities a.k.a. Laura Redburn.

Photographs taken from Laura Redburn website

Laura Redburn is a collage and mixed media artist from Wales. She is known for mixing found imagery from vintage magazines and forgotten illustration books. Texture and color work together to construct a powerful visual statement through mixed media form.

Redburn aims to create snapshots from dreams and other worlds, leaving the viewer to reflect upon their own creativity and knowledge.

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Ongoing: 11th – 30th of April 2012, Young Art (Stockholm)

From the series “Närhet viktigare än sex ” by Viktor Johansson

This month, Young Art is presenting their first “themed exhibition”, with work by Johan Ray Pedersen and Viktor Johansson. In the exhibition Maskulin, the focus is laid on how social norms of masculinity looks like, can be questioned and changed. The two artists tackle the theme from different perspectives and with different techniques but come together in their interest of the expectations and definitions of today’s manliness.

“Utan titel” by Johan Ray Pedersen 

Johan Ray Pedersen (b. 1975) focuses on the stereotypical male ideal of society and the arts. For two years he has been working with paintings and collage, studying classical male attributes and symbols, such as penises, horses, bodybuilders and industrial environments. The paradox in choices of subjects can both go against and emphasize what is considered to be masculine but still un-masculine to portray. According to himself, he has even been asked if he isn’t afraid to become gay, while painting penises! With his work Johan wants to de-dramatize the emphases on what is feminine or masculine  – and instead focus on what is human. Or as he self puts it:

“Is it really that dangerous to paint some penises?”

“Golden Receiver” by Johan Ray Pedersen

“Göteborg” by Johan Ray Pedersen

From the series “Vem mäter mina drömmar” by Johan Ray Pederses

Viktor Johansson (b. 1987) works with photography as an artistic medium. In the past year, he has (among other projects) examined men in groups and their fear of physical contact. For the exhibition, Viktor Johansson has chosen to follow five male friendship pairs, portraying best friends and their way of socializing. The theory he carries is that men often only have one or two friends where the physical contact is natural, artless, and without prejudice. Through his photographs Viktor Johansson questions the social norms of masculinity and studies men’s views on non-sexual physical contact. Why can women, unlike men, hold hands and share a bed without anyone questioning their sexual orientation?

From the series “Närhet viktigare än sex ” by Viktor Johansson

From the series “Närhet viktigare än sex ” by Viktor Johansson 

“Närhet viktigare än sex ” by Viktor Johansson

Photographs by Viktor Johansson belong to Young Art / Other photos taken by Konsthopp

So– what does it really mean to be a man today? Is masculinity carved in stones? An image associated with taboos – saying that men should not show emotions or paint penises? Or is it constantly changing? As many of today’s gender debate is often dominated by the theme of how women can change, I believe the theme of “masculinity” hits right across!

As we have mentioned before, Young Art  is the place for those who are interested in enthusiastic art by emerging artists, and is always worth visiting! This time there is no exception! The exhibition runs until 30th of April 2012.

Artists: Johan Ray Pedersen & Viktor Johansson

Date: 11th – 30th of April 2012

Place: Young Art, Artillerigatan 6, Stockholm

Opening hours: Wednesday – Friday, 12.00 – 18.00 ; Saturday – Sunday, 12.00 – 16.00

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Artist Studio #3 : Daniel Milton (Stockholm)

Thanks to the online community we came in contact with Daniel Milton who through his blog gives an insight into his life working as a full-time artist.

Would never recommend anyone to become an artist but the matter is of course that you make things with your own hands and with the talents you’ve picked up on the way — wake up every morning and create your everyday life, world and happiness. Make your own decisions about assignments, hours, coffee breaks and vacations. Life.
(From D. Miltons post, C’est ma vie – translation by Írena)

And each weekday, between 09.00 – 16.00, D. Milton goes to his atelier in Stockholm to work on what he’s best at — creating his art. I was lucky enough to be invited into his studio for some snapshots and in the mean time learn more about the artist and his work.

Photograph by Konsthopp

I must say that for me it is absolutely absorbing to be invited into the different studios and meet people who all tell their individual stories — but who share in common the decision of creating their everyday life as an artist.

Check out some of the photographs from our latest studio visit here or follow Miltons blog directly (in swedish) at http://dmilton.blogspot.se/!

Special thanks to Daniel Milton and happy Sunday to everyone!

If you are interested in opening the doors of your studio, please send us a line at konsthopp@gmail.com

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Vernissage: 8th of July 2011, Gallerí Klósett (Reykjavík)

Have you ever been on an art opening were all you want to do is to skip the mingling, keep quite and enjoy the artwork privately? Or have you rather let the mingling get in the way of ever actually seeing the artwork?

Gallerí Klósett (Gallery Toilet) is an artist-run exhibition space, located in an atelier on Hverfisgata 61 in Reykjavík. Being more specific – in a tiny room inside the atelier that is normally used as the facilities. The only official opening hour is on opening nights and one of the main idea behind the gallery is to find the “balance” on these nights between art and socializing.

 The aim is to let the visitors enjoy their nights with the traditional mingling and networking but also giving them the possibility to reflect on the artwork in private, ruminate behind closed doors and of course, do the things you normally do on the toilet.

The gallery was opened last Friday, displaying work by the local artist Páll Haukur Björnsson. The exhibition, called Garður (Garden)was created on the artist’s travel around Iceland, perceiving people’s notion and ideas of nature and territory.

To love the country and then to love the country – what is the country?    – Páll Haukur

The artwork touches upon money and power, consumption, questioning the nature and the reality of the nature, showcasing maps, videos and “babbling” money. But if the money could talk, what would it say?

That “… recycling is very important too!”?

Or that “to apply human quality to a system that is in itself meaningless is but one of our many failures to comprehend our natural reality”?

Photographs by Konsthopp

Money talking or not, the opening night at Gallerí Klósett was vivid and the atelier full of people. Even though no-one had the urge to close the gallery’s door this time, visitors were enjoying both the artwork and each other. The exhibition space is a great addition to the visual art-scene in Reykjavík that seems to be vibrant and lively at the moment. Its existence also gives people the opportunity to be a part of an artwork, loose themselves in thought and proofs once again that with or without fancy white spaces, art belongs anywhere.

Date: 8th of July 2011

Artist: Páll Haukur Björnsson

Place: Gallerí Klósett

Opening hours: Opening nights. Or when bursting to pee.


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