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Finissage: 23rd of October 2011, Id:i galleri (Stockholm)

The blink of an eye.

Time that is so short that you don’t even count it as real. Still you blink your eyes ca. 14000 times per day, were each blink counts 1/5 of a second. This means that around 46 minutes of your day pass by without you even noticing it.

This time — the eternal blink of an eye — is the idea behind Christer Chytraéus latest exhibition, Dark Time.


By building a camera with censors connected to his eyelid and hiding it inside his hat, the artist has created a work that represents the time we never see — the moments that are already lost. And the camera ..is taken back to it its phenomenological origin — to capture these moments.

Dark Time (Video)

Dark Time (Video)

Dark Time (Stills)

Photographs by Konsthopp

Again it’s the complex comprehension of time that kindle my interest. Approaching unconscious moments that still counts at least 46 minutes each day. Moments that we are part of but which we will never really see…

This is the last weekend to see the ongoing exhibition at Id:i gallery and on Sunday you can enjoy warm drinks in the appearance of Christer Chytraéus. An artist who took a piece of skin from his backside body, cultivated it in a laboratory in Linköping and exhibited (as a final exam at Konstfack) a self-portrait made from the results. Remarkable!

Artist: Christer Chytraéus

Date: 7th of October – 23rd of October 2011

Place: Id:i galleri, Tjärhovsgatan 19, Stockholm

Opening hours: Wednesday – Friday, 12.00 – 18.00 ; Saturday – Sunday, 12.00 – 16.00

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