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This month’s favorite: Stockholm / Sweden

I know I’m late with this one. Four days late actually. But I wanted to let you know about my favourite of the month — Stockholm — and put in few photographs of some of the things I liked. I know you’ll forgive me for “being late”  but — as I’m writing this with one hand — I can tell you that I had to operate my elbow last month and consequently it is wrapped in a big white bandage right now. So there you got my excuse.

February started at Färgfabriken with the art group NUMEN (for use) and the exhibition TEJP Stockholm. The opening night was (like it usually is at Färfabriken) packed with people, wine and music. The exhibition is beautiful, exceptionally playful and really a lot of fun. It is still ongoing and is highly recommended!

For more info about Färgfabriken click here

From the opening night of TEJP STOCKHOLM at Färgfabriken

Photograph taken inside the tape installation.

Later in the month (17th-19th of February) there were the two artfairs, SUPERMARKET (at Kulturhuset) and MARKET (at Konstakademien).

Supermarket is a development of Minimarket, an artist groupshow held at Konstnärshuset in February 2006, in reaction to the commercial art fair Market. The arrangers of the Minimarket didn’t like Market’s concentration on customers with money and wanted Minimarket to present another side of the art — the one that is more fun and playful. In 2007 the arrangers change the name to Supermarket and now they refer to it as a “success story”, where Supermarket is today one of the biggest artist-run artfairs in the world.

This year Supermarket represented 80 galleries from 30 countries. Here are some of my favourites from the weekend.

For more info about Supermarket click here

Nest (The Hague, Holland), Supermarket 2012

GRAD (Belgrade, Serbia), Supermarket 2012

Galleria Huuto (Helsinki, Finland), Supermarket 2012

Studio44 (Stockholm, Sweden) Supermarket 2012

Tegen2 (Stockholm, Sweden), Supermarket 2012

Totaldobze (Riga, Latvia), Supermarket 2012

New for Supermarket this year was the “Red Spot”, a specially arranged stage dedicated to performance artists. As performance art has been growing on me (especially after my visit to ANTI festival in Finland), I believe this was a brilliant addition to the fair! The high-light of my weekend was Paul Dunca’s vampire performance, Incubus Crybtmaw. Scary, creepy, funny (some might say crazy), Dunca managed to connect delicately with the audience while questioning the performance artists goals and nature.

“Incubus Crybtmaw”. Performance by Paul Dunca, Supermarket 2012

Then there was the Market. It was more traditional/conservative than Supermarket but representing many of the best galleries in the Nordic region (42 art galleries). There it is price and quality that matters. Unfortunately my camera ran out of battery and the only examples I got was from Gallery Andersson/Sandström (which also happened to be our favourite at Art Copenhagen). Other favourites were Stene Projects, Gallery Nordenhake, Gallery Charlotte Lund, and the emerging galleries Gallery Anna Thulin and Galleri Jonas Kleerup.

Some might say that these two art fairs are “enemies” and competitors but even though that might be a reason for their existence I believe both of these fairs are important for the audience/participants and help establish Stockholm on the art world map.

For more info about Market click here

Gallery Andersson/Sandström (Stockholm/Umeå, Sweden), Market 2012

Gallery Andersson/Sandström (Stockholm/Umeå, Sweden), Market 2012

Last but not least is the urban artist ROA, who was supposed to be pimping up Stockholm with his huge wall-painted animals (I’ve heard that unfortunately this wasn’t really the case because of Stockholm’s ‘zero-tolerance’ for street art — only one wall in Alvik & Stockholm’s archipelago got the honour). As you may remember (refresh your memory here) ROA put up a show in Stockholm last month. I couldn’t go that night but as I’ve heard from friends the show was amazing! Good party and stunning artwork. ROA might have lost some of his deserved attention because of the two artfairs happening at the same time, at least I haven’t seen any media been writing about it yet (except here). But he definitely deserves the attention of art-interested audience and lucky for us we can still see his installation/work until the 17th of March. The Scarlett gallery opens the location to the public (as the work had to be done inside) between Friday and Sunday but if you want to see it outside the opening hours, just contact the gallery and they’ll open up for you!

For more info about ROA’s work in Stockholm (and opening hours) click here

From the opening night at Defragmentation (ROA) / Photos by Ashlee Christman

Photographs belong to Konsthopp

I admit that Stockholm might be dull sometimes — but it was surprisingly vivid last month. It exposed different forms of visual art and its representation. Even — in the city of zero tolerance — street art was included (and maybe one day it will be accepted too). This is just a glimpse of what was going on and I’m sure its not the first (or last) time Stockholm is a little ‘flurry’ like that. Still, I thought I would use the occasion to recognize and appreciate it. And pick it as my February favourite.

Hold to your creativity Stockholm! xx

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On-going: 4th of February – 17th of March 2012,

Färgfabriken (Stockholm)

There is an ongoing exhibition, called TEJP STOCKHOLM, at Färgfabriken. As the name might indicate the work is entirely made out of tape, in an installation by the Croatian / Austrian artist group Numen. The project is a collaboration between Färgfabriken and the Swedish director Tobias Rydin, who invited Numen to Stockholm. Thereby the art work is both an exhibition at Färgfabriken as well as being the scenography for Tobias Rydins upcoming film KIM.

The opening night for TEJP at Färgfabriken, 4th of February 2012

This is not the first time the art group Numen (consisting of Sven Jonke, Christoph Katzler and Nikola Radeljkovic) make this kind of exhibition. They are internationally known for their excellent installations made by tape and have built their work in both public spaces as well as galleries and theater stages. The main hall at Färgfabriken is thus now covered with something that looks like a huge spider web and which took — if my memory holds — around 10 days with 15 people to set up (please contact the gallery if you need concrete information).

The installation has its twist as the audience is invited to climb inside and explore the artwork and the space from all angles. I was at Färgfabriken on the opening night and it is hard to describe the sense of climbing inside — what to me felt like — a huge chrysalis made out of tape. I admit I was a bit sceptic and maybe a little scared that the whole thing would break down but after few minutes of ensuring myself I was safe, I could only enjoy! Along with three friends (max five people inside at a time) I was allowed to climb, crawl and slide between the tunnels of the art work. It was as we went back to childhood and we had so much fun. We were inside the playhouse — feeling like kids again — free from worlds miseries.

It might sound corny but that’s how I’d describe it. You must go there yourself to get what I mean. So if you’re in town, don’t miss it (gäller även Stockholmare!).

Recommended for any age!

Photographs belong to Konsthopp

Artist: NUMEN (for use) : Sven Jonke, Christoph Katzler and Nikola Radeljkovic

Date: 4th of February – 17th of March 2012

Place: Färgfabriken, Lövholmsbrinken 1, Stockholm

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… for you to finish off the shift

Textile in the expanded field by Konstfack Master students

Concern 1 by Anna Nordström

Walking walking dream by Miwa Akabane

Keeping together by Bianca Nabuco

Be civilized by Emma Persson

Pile / Pairs / Scrunch sock

Photographs by Konsthopp

Date: 26th of October – 13th of November 2011

Artists: Bianca Nabuco, Anna Nordström, Emma Persson, Dagmara Stephan, Miwa Akabane, Evelina Hedin, Manja Hunger and Aiko Kubo

Place: Färgfabriken, Lövholmsbrinken 1, Stockholm

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Vernissage: 7th of May 2011, Färgfabriken (Stockholm)

“Classy, without being uptight” was the look of Saturday night. The atmosphere in Färgfabriken was coloured by the guest´s excitement for Knorr´s first solo exhibition in Sweden. The artist welcomed everyone with a little toast speech as he described his latest offspring, “Limits of Jurisdiction”. His tastefully picked beige-coloured suit matched perfectly into the snow-white exhibition space.

“Natural cultural” is the title of the work that Daniel Knorr has created for Färgfabriken. The installation is based on architectural structure, which is used in order to problematize the nature and development of the economical processes that started at the dawn of the industrial period and have continued until this day.

Photographs by Konsthopp

The project “Limits of Jurisdiction” consists of three parts: “Artist Books”, an ongoing book project presented at The Romanian Cultural Institute of Stockholm, “1m3 Freedom” located in public space at Sergels Torg and “Natural Cultural” in Färgfabriken.

Daniel Knorr was born in Romania and currently lives in Berlin. His projects are widely known and certainly worth checking out for everyone who are interested in contemporary art.

Date: 7th of May – 14th of August 2011

Artist: Daniel Knorr

Place: Färgfabriken, Lövholmsbrinken 1, Stockholm

Opening hours: Wednesday – Sunday, 11.00  – 16.00

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