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Vernissage: 31st of March 2012, Galleri Kontrast (Stockholm)

“Årets Bild” (Photography of the year) is Sweden’s biggest and oldest photo contest for professional photographers. The first competition was held in 1942, with a winning photograph taken by Herman Ronninger (Svenska Dagbladet). Now — 70 years later — the winning photograph was taken by the quialified newcomer, Hampus Lundgren (freelance). The photograph was taken only few minutes after the bomb attack on the government building in Oslo in July last year.

Photography of the year 2012 by Hampus Lundgren

Photograph taken from Hampus Lundgren blog

As we mentioned in one of our earlier posts last month, press photos should reflect the situation in every society at any given time.

“Seeing what is happening outside is important in an era when the media itself often stands as the center of attention — and to take a step back is necessary for us to get a a close up of what is really happening.”

Per Lindström (translation by Írena)

While it can be seen as relevant — with common news values emphasizing on conflicts, violence and war zones — the Swedish press photographs 2012 reflects a mirror that makes us aware of people’s various situations and everyday life — putting in mind the photojournalists important role for the community.

Below you can see examples of the winning photographs 2012:

Photographs taken from PFK

Date: 31st of March – 29th of April 2012

Photographers:  Various

Place: Galleri Kontrast, Hornsgatan 6, Stockholm

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Student exhibition: 26th – 29th of May 2011, Berghs´and Galleri Kontrast (Stockholm)

Most people love the spring. The birds are singing, flowers are blooming and people tend to be more happy. And the happiest among them all are probably the newly graduated.

Today is the final day at the Berghs´ exhibition 2011. This year 34 new communication and design projects are presented, created by 151 courageous graduating students.

Here are some of our favorites projects from the exhibition.

By Gidon Tannenbaum

By photographer Julia Bejerot Winkler


By photographer Mikaela Westerholm

“Team Finland Hollywood Rescue”

A mission by Nathalie Neiman, Fredrik Glimskär, Luca Deasti, Marcus Cederqvist, Joesfine Berglund, Thomasine Stiernswärd and Daniel Åhlman

Photographs by Konsthopp

Berghs School of Communication is located in the heart Stockholm´s city centre. The school combine all major commercial communication disciplines under one roof, offering a wide programs in advertising, design, PR, interactive communications, event marketing, computer games and photography.

Graduating students and springlovers,


You can see more photos from the exhibition here.

Date: 26th  –  29th of May 2011

Place: Berghs School of Communication, Sveavägen 34, Stockholm

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Vernissages: 30th of April 2011, Galleri Kontrast (Stockholm)

Sport feature photograph of the year 2011.” By Sara Strandlund/Freelance

Konsthopp was in the mood for photography last weekend. The direction was taken to Gallery Kontrast as two vernissages were taking place; “Årets bild 2011” and “Inom mig” by Tom Willhammar.

Annually the gallery shows ‘Årets bild’ or ’The Swedish picture of the year award‘. The 2011 winners are Peter Wixström, awarded for ’The best picture’ and Magnus Wennman as ’The press photographer of the year‘. Check the year´s nominated photographs here.

These outstanding photographs proof once again that ’a picture is worth a thousand words‘.

“Everyday life photograph of the year 2011” (Sweden). By Anette Nantell/Dagens Nyheter

“Everyday life photograph of the year 2011” (International). By Magnus Wennman/Aftonbladet

In the basement at the same gallery is another exhibition running called “Inom mig”. The photographer, Tom Willhammar, said that he prefer black & white photography because they reflect more emotions. Undoubtedly, these stunning photos reflects strong emotions. All the photos were shot in Bejing and Shanghai while the artist lived there in 2008.

After a lot of speculations, the photographer finally chose his darling. Love. Passion. Love it!

Photographs by Konsthopp

The Press Photographers Club in Sweden (PFK) runs Gallery Kontrast independently. It is devoted to photographs and has over the years developed a reputation as one of Swedens primary venue for documentary photography. These two exhibitions are no exception.

“Årets bild 2011” and “Inom sig” will be on-going until 22nd of May 2011.

Place: Galleri Kontrast, Hornsgatan 8, Stockholm

Opening hours: Wednesday – Thursday, 11.00 – 18.00 ; Friday, 12.00 – 17.00 ; Saturday – Sunday, 12.00 – 16.00

OBS. Next Wednesday (4th of May) will Peter Wixström and Magnus Wennman present their winning photographs from “Årets bild 2011” at Galleri Kontrast. The lecture starts at 19.00.

The admission is 60 SEK but it is free for GKV´s members. Membership in GKV is 100 SEK for 2011.

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