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Vernissage: 9th of November 2011, Group 11-11/ Young Art (Stockholm)

Have you ever tasted a rainbow-colored hot dogs? 

“Hot dogs 1”. Work by Clara Hellncreutz

Clara Hallencreutz gives you a colorful taste of art and food in her latest photo project “No Artificial Coulours”.

According to the artist, the project is a suggestive series of photographs displaying the daily food we eat — alluding to the manipulation of all kinds of additives and genetics put in our nourishment. The images are not meant to be corrective or take a position, but to ask questions of the one looking at them.

Why is the environment, design and color of such a great importance when we eat? Is the factor of “identifying the food” safe or boring? Does the manipulation bring about opportunities or horror scenarios that are hard to control?

“Ceci n’est pas green/yellow”. Work by Clara Hallencreutz

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never tasted a blue — or in that matter yellow, green, purple & red — hot-dog before. And I’m not really sure if I would want to do that. Just looking at the photographs, the thought of it felt kind of silly.

At the same time, in some weird — maybe a bit silly — way, the photographs and the food attracted me, there was some sort of an excitement and fun about it that made me even more curious.

Still and all it kept popping up in my head — how far can we actually go in making our food look attractive and ready to consume…?

Is the gold “menu” the future of McDonald’s? Work by Clara Hallencreutz

Photographs by Konsthopp

Clara Hallencreutz (1985) completed her Bachelor of Photography at Griffith University (Brisbane, Australia) in 2009. Her photography has been exhibited around Australia, Beijing and Jinan. She is currently displaying part of her work in Stockholm, both at Bistro Berns and the Young Art gallery (as a part of the exhibition GROUP 11-11).

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Artists: Clara Hallencreutz with Group 11-11 (Philipp Gallon, Malin Larsson & Josef Jägnefält)

Date: 9th – 27th of November 2011

Place: Young Art, Artillerigatan 6, Stockholm


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