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Final words: Jenny Holzer (U.S.A.)

“Stupid is as stupid does” — Forrest Gump

We all know Forrest Gump. Despite Forrest was not the brightest man, he would probably be a brilliant politician. Simple and sincere. Because all in all — stupid is as stupid does.

And more people seems to use the word stupid in their slogans. One of the most political artist of our time  — Jenny Holzer — is among them.

One of Jenny Holzer´s Truisms

It´s said that Holzer dreamed of being a painter as a child. And her dream came true. Born in Ohio in 1950, her art and her reputation began as a kind of rumour, with lists flyposted anonymously on the streets of New York in the late 1970s. In her reference to everyday experiences and emotions, Holzer’s witty and provocative slogans offer a critical reflection on modern society.

“Stupid people shouldn’t breed”  

 ”Expiring for Love Is Beautiful but Stupid”

                                   “The Future is Stupid”

“Purple” by Jenny Holzer (2008) Whitney Museum of American Art

“PROTECT, PROTECT” by Jenny Holzer (2009) Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

“Monument” by Jenny Holzer (2008) Whitney Museum of American Art

As an artist — which is very concerned about the world affairs — Holzer has turned to declassified statements, letters and reports from the US military. Over the last decade, the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan have preoccupied her.

Holzer’s Truisms has proliferated on stickers, posters, T-shirts, even on metal plaques. They’ve been carved on stones, projected on to buildings around the world. Lately Holzer has started painting again. And her Truisms continues to appear. Most recently on Twitter.

“Protect me from what I want” by Jenny Holzer (1983-85)

Sometimes I agree with Mrs. Holzer messages. Expiring for love is beautiful but can be extremely stupid. And my shorter version of “Heavenly father …” might be:

Dear God, please protect me from what I want, Amen!

Photos taken from Google image

About the artist

Jenny Holzer (b.1950) is an American installation and conceptual artist. She studied at Duke University, and University of Chicago before completing her BFA at Ohio University in 1972. In 1975  she started in MFA programme at the Rhode Island School of Design.

Holzer moved to New York in 1977 and her first public works, Truisms (1977–79), appeared in the form of anonymous broadsheets pasted on buildings, walls and fences in and around Manhattan.

Her texts took the forms of posters, monumental and electronic signs, billboards, television and her signature medium, the LED (light emitting diode) sign. Other works have appeared on T-shirts, tractor hats, stickers, metal plaques, park benches and sarcophagi. The LED signs have been placed in high-impact public spaces such as Times Square, New York, as well as in art galleries and museums.

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This month´s favorite: Recycled art

From waste to resource … 

In recent years, waste products and other materials have become more and more prominent in the creation of art. Here are some recycled art masterpieces — made from junks!

“Ghost in the machines – The Beatles” by Erika Iris Simmons

“Binary Bound” by Nick Gentry

“Harmonix Rock Band” by Kyle Bean

“Hard disk drive robot” by Miguel Rivera

“What came first” by Kyle Bean

“The rabbit” by Robert Bradford

“Collage 09” by Derek Gores

Virginia Fleck

Photographs are taken from Hongicat & google image

From litter off the streets — to odds and ends in the house; these artists from all around the world find a use for what others would toss without a second thought. Cassettes, discarded toys, floppy disks, hard disk drives, eggshells, recycled clothes & magazines are among things that can — occasionally — be turned into gold.

In the last year Konsthopp have visited numerous of exhibition dedicated to some sort of recycled art. Examples includes; Buffé (Stockholm), Cotton Rags (Reykjavik), Sæborgin; Kynjaverur og ókindur (Reykjavik), Monument (Oslo), Losun (Reykjavik) and Sorp er auðlind (Reykjavik).

Stay posted about more recycled art-related topics next days. We are having a guest blog this week!

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On-going: 16th of June – 31st of July 2011, SOFT galleri (Oslo)

Couple of weeks ago I was rambling around the streets of Oslo. The rain was poring down and I wasn’t really in the mood for anything. All of a sudden I heard some lusty bird-sounds around me and for a moment it felt like I was back on that Amazon trip I did some years ago. I looked on all sides and in a window on my left I was fronted by a big “mountain-shaped” pile of second hand clothing.

“Monument” by Sidsel Palmstrøm

Photograph by Konsthopp

My interest and curiosity was roused and guided me further into a tiny-little gallery were I could take a better look at the “monument”. I stood there for a moment reflecting on the piece and as a general admirer of vintage clothing it really attracted me; it’s simplicity, the funky smell textile and the untold story behind each clothing. At the same time I wondered how or if it had something to do with the bird-sounds I’d heard outside. After a short but a nice chat with the gallerist I found out that the sounds were part of the installation and a way to grab people’s attention to the window, in a surprising but nice way.

And it worked, at least on me!

The gallery is closed in July but the exhibition can still be “heard” and viewed from outside the exhibition room.

Date: 16th of June – 31st of July 2011

Artist: Sidsel Palmstrøm

Place: SOFT galleri, Rådhusgaten 20, Oslo

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