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Artist talk: Rakel McMahon (Iceland)

Rakel McMahon is an energetic and emerging artist, working and living in Reykjavík. We reached her at the crowded opening night of Gallerí Klósett but Rakel is one of two founders of the newborn gallery. In recent years she has been active and noticeable in the Icelandic visual art scene by both organizing and participating in various events.

According to her artist statement, titles plays a significant role in both her work and creative process.

My creative process when drawing is equivalent to the relationship between title and central theme. The first image, which equates to a title, is very important. It sets the tone and is a guiding light for the other images …

And speaking about titles, let´s take a look at few titles from her previous work.

“Mother drunk”  “Feed me”  “Nudes for dudes”

“Maybe she´s born with it maybe it´s maybelline”

Screeching brilliance! Konsthopp love these ironic titles; how they satisfy our sense of humour and our passion for funny word games. Keep up the great work!

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“Feed me” by Rakel McMahon – A serie of paintings from 2009

Photograph by Konsthopp


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