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Flavor of the month: Sociopolitical art

“Liberty is about our right to question everthing” (Ai Wei Wei)

Over almost a year of blogging, we have visited numerous of exhibition touching on sociopolitical issues and interviewed artists who convey political messages through their work — our latest artist talk being a direct example. Other exmaples include interview with Páll Haukur Björnsson and Erla Silfá Þorgrímsdóttir, as well as exhibitions such as; The good, the bad & the anti, The world won’t listen, Memories / In between and Social Cleanup.

Still we wonder — what is sociopolitical art? Isn’t all conceptual art sociopolitical? Is it really possible to define?

This month we are hoping to explore and get some answers!

Below you can see an example of what might be concidered a sociopolitic art. Tips, suggestions and possible answers are of course appreciated. Stay tuned …

“From series of drawings by Nina Hemmingsson (photo taken from google images

Get Rich by Diann Bauer (photograph taken from Paradise Row)

Pharmacy herbs by luzinterruptus (photograph from the artists blog)

Work by Barbara Kruger (photo taken from google images)

Sunflower seeds by Ai Wei Wei (photograph by Konsthopp)

Political street art – Artist unknown (photo by Joshua Rappeneker)

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Vernissage: 6th of May 2011, Tegen2 (Stockholm)

I love to hate the way I love you.

I hate to love the way I hate you.

This exhibition by Patricia Bentancur is formed by drawings, photographs, objects and videos and is according to herself based on (our) own collective memory. Through personal references the artist recalls the mnemonic context of her home country, Urugay, as well as Latin America and other parts of the world.

Narratives evolve between memory and obscurity, leaving questions of reality and story telling. Through simplicity the artist pervades and provides cues for a foundation meaning proposing the subjects of communication, informational manipulation, silence and blindness as the intricate conflicts around the world.

Voodoo World / Patricia Bentancur

Photographs by Konsthopp

Bringing together different pieces by using artistic devices as tools, Patricia Bentancur reflects on contemporary social and political matters from an individual point of view.

And for the audience, she leaves behind something more significant to reflect on.

Artist: Patricia Bentancur

Date: 6th of May – 5th of June 2011

Place: Tegen2, Bjurholmsgatan 9b

Opening hours: Thursday – Sunday, 12.00 – 17.00

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