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Guest blogger: Gunnhildur Thordardottir (Iceland)

My interest in recycling started early and as a child my parents would recycle paper, food containers and composted the organic waste in our garden. Recycling was one of the daily routines in our home and easy for me and my siblings to participate in. However in the 80´s and 90´s recycling was a new term in Iceland and few people paid attention to this lifestyle.

Furthermore I was a girl scout and one of the goals of the scout movement is to respect nature and use the materials that the nature provides wisely and innovatively. The capturing slogan ´Recycle or Die` is fairly new and means that we need to recycle for our future, our children and future generations to come to keep the earth sustainable.

Many artists have used this slogan as well as musicians, fashion labels and it has even inspired filmmakers. For me, using recycled materials in my artwork is very natural since I have continued to recycle into adulthood, and love passing this knowledge to my children by making something creative with them. Recycled material is very versatile, is already there and it does not matter whether I am going to make something intricate or simple. In my artwork I have used i.e. socks, food containers, off cuts of steel, wood, paper, plastics, leftovers of yarn and other textiles.

Fortunately for our planet more and more people are interested in saving the planet by recycling and hopefully it will make a difference. Furthermore I hope my work inspires people to reduce, reuse and recycle!

My main goal with re-cycled art is to realize an object of interest or beauty with material, which would otherwise be thrown away!

— Gunnhildur Thordardottir, visual artist

From the exhibition Losun/Emisssion

Photograph by Konsthopp

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