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Artist talk: Erla Silfá Þorgrímsdóttir (Iceland/Norway)

Since 2010 she has been working like a “spy”, recording found conversation in public spaces.

“In my mind the changing room became the scenario of the play Waiting for Godot. The trivial dialogue suddenly revealed itself to me and appeared as important. In that second it felt like the dialogue could tell me more about my own existence than the words of the greatest philosophers. Not necessarily by what was spoken, but the feeling it gave me of everyday life. The importance of the so-called trivial, while we are waiting to get some answers on our own existence”

“I can’t hear my eyes” by Erla Silfá Þorgrímsdóttir

Erla Silfá Þorgrímsdóttir got the first idea for her project “I can’t hear my eyes” as she was caught up between other’s people conversation in the changing room at her gym. Since then she has been paying attention to the subjective and the small voices around her in everyday life as she is interested in those voices that are usually not heard and not considered of big importance.

Erla Silfá might not be a much of a talker, but she is definitely a “hell of a listener!” Be sure not to miss out on her final exhibition — and the truth about our public conversations – at Konstfack in May this year.

Read our latest artist talk with Erla Silfá Þorgrímsdóttir here.

Photograph belong to Erla Silfá Þorgrímsdóttir

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Vernissage: 23rd of April 2011, Konsthall C (Stockholm)

An exhibition that according to the curator Jacquelyn Davis hopes to provide an entry point into how new policy changes within the EU alter the relationship between the art school, art student and international students.

Artist contributors were given the opportunity to create new work as a response and /or critique to provide solutions, navigational insight or perspective and arise questions about the international student’s changing role in Sweden’s art school settings.

Photographs by Konsthopp

Konsthall C is a dynamic, non-profit art organisation and exhibition space. The upcoming programme is quite promising, including couple of artists talks and curators in conversation. This exhibition, “unfinished analogies” will be ongoing until the 8th of May 2011.

Vernissage: 23rd of April 2011

Time: 14.00 – 16.00

Artists: Various

Curator: Jacquelyn Davis (with the assistance of Christine Antaya)

Place: Konsthall C, Cigarrvägen 14, Farsta (Stockholm)

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