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On-going: 2nd of September – 16th of October 2011, UKS (Oslo)

“Living human beings of beauty” — George Kuchar (1942 – 2011)

Photograph by Konsthopp

Still carrying my luggage, holding my heavy camera and a street map — trying every now and then to figure out wherever I was — I finally arrived to UKS, just five minutes before closing.

When I walked through the hallway, I encountered white candles and a photograph of a familiar face. The man on the photo was George Kuchar, one of the artist behind “The new lands”, who sadly passed away few weeks ago.

For those who didn´t know him, George Kuchar was an American filmmaker, who inspired underground film directors like John Waters and David Lynch in the 1960’s. His ability to make movies on a shoestring was a point of pride for him, and a motivation to several generations of young filmmakers.

P. Adams Sitney, a founder of Anthology Film Archives said recently in a NY-times interview dedicated to Kuchar:

  “His influence is incalculable — the whole world of YouTube is where you see it”

In spite of my little time and the confusion over Mr. Kuchar death, I didn´t have a spare moment to consider, understand or accept the exhibition. Instead, I snapped several photos which you can see here!

If you haven´t discovered George Kuchar yet, I encourage you to check out  his experimental films and videos. May he rest in peace.

Date: 2nd of September – 16th of October 2011

Artists: Eva DrangsholtGeorge Kuchar and Paul Gauguin

Place: UKS, Lakkegata 55D, Oslo

Opening hours: Tuesday – Friday, 10.00 – 17.00 ; Saturday – Sunday, 12.00 – 17.00

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